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Monetary Unit
Aug 16, 2019 · 3 min read

This article will highlight the progression of the MonetaryUnit and Flubit Team during the month of August 2019.

Flubit Marketplace:

We are a UK based eCommerce marketplace that proudly accepts FIAT and cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DigiByte and of course our native currency MonetaryUnit (MUE).

Use MonetaryUnit (MUE) and save 20% sitewide.

Sign up to our Elite program save 25% sitewide.

Global shipping offered.

Flubit Points System:

Last month we launched the Flubit Points Service allowing customers to earn and spend Flubit points seamlessly for our site. In short, customers will be using MonetaryUnit (MUE) to pay for goods without the hassle of using a long wallet address. This allows all customers to use cryptocurrency with a few clicks. Customers can earn and buy Flubit Points on, which will allow them to save 20% on all purchases.

Flubit Points Update:

The wallet address now appears as a QR code in the Flubit Points area of your account, so to transfer MonetaryUnit MUE from a mobile wallet you can just scan the code. We’ve also increased the performance of Flubit Points, which reduced how long it takes to login or perform certain actions on

The introduction of Flubit Points has had an immediate impact on the usage of MUE as a payment option on the marketplace. The following chart shows the relative MUE spent on month-by-month in 2019. July ’19 saw the introduction of Flubit Points, and MUE payments rose to the highest they’d ever been. In addition, and only 10 days into August, Flubit Points has almost surpassed this August level. Flubit Points provides a simple and clean way for users to pay with MUE, without needing a downloadable wallet. You can learn more about Flubit Points here.


During the month of July our developers have been working hard on multiple updates listed below.

Flipside Integration:

Flipside integration has been completed and handed it over to them for use.

Reference Link:

Bitcoin ATM Integration:

MonetaryUnit (MUE) integration has been integrated into BTM Bitcoin ATMs on github and was merged on their official code.

Github Link:

Edge Wallet:

A PR was opened for MonetaryUnit (MUE) to added to Edge Wallet.

Github Link:


The HyperDex Integration is ready and the MUE icons will be created soon once that is done the updates to the PR will be worked on.

Github Link:


Our new explorer is live at and our developers successfully added the following:

· SSL protection

· API upgrade

· On A built-in rewards calculator for our staking and masternodes

MonetaryUnit and Flubit Events:

Our team finds it important to connect with the community virtually and face to face.

Here is a list of events in which we had representation.

MonetaryUnit and July 2019 Updates:

· 7/27 Tech Walk Brighton, UK

· 7/31 Product Tank London, UK

We are also proud to announce that we will be one of the sponsors for BitBrum in the UK!

The event is 11/3/2019 — we hope to meet you there


If you have any suggestions to help us improve please let us know, customer satisfaction comes first.

Monetary Unit

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MonetaryUnit is a decentralized & self-governed cryptocurrency with an open-source architecture.

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