MonetaryUnit and May 2019 Update

Monetary Unit
Jun 7 · 4 min read

MonetaryUnit and May 2019 Updates

During the infamous Bear market of 2018/2019, the MonetaryUnit and Team have been busy building and working toward mass adoption. This article will highlight what we have been working on and our current progress.

Flubit Marketplace:

Our UK based eCommerce marketplace has been accepting FIAT and cryptocurrency payments since the completion of the acquisition in 2018. We have concentrated our currency acceptance to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DigiByte and of course our native currency MonetaryUnit (MUE). In a world first across the market, customers that pay with MUE are given 20% off their entire purchase, and those signed up to the Flubit Elite program automatically get an additional 5% off their purchase. In addition to these unique savings, offers a global shipping solution to all! Our mission is to strive to be leaders in customer experience and equality.

Is it your first time paying in cryptocurrency?

No worries, we have you covered, just check out our simple tutorial below:

Coming Soon: Flubit Points System and MUE are looking to introduce a revolutionary way for customers to use the MUE cryptocurrency to pay for items WITHOUT needing to get a user initially invested in the inner working of cryptocurrency.

As outlined in the previous section, during the last 12 months, has launched and subsequently witnessed general (i.e. non-crypto) users beginning their journey of (1) downloading the MUE wallet, (2) buying MUE (via, and (3) using it to spend on with a 20% discount on the fiat sale price.

Despite the positive beginnings, the MUE and teams are looking to introduce a unique user-experience which will reduce the friction involved with Crypto Sales. For example, many non-crypto users are not accustomed to the copy & pasting of long ‘address strings’, and therefore find this process is a turn off.

In early Summer 2019, is introducing Flubit Points — a point-based system that works on the back of the MonetaryUnit blockchain that provide this simple user experience sought after.

In our June update edition, we will have an in-depth overview of the benefits, inner-workings and use-cases for this system by Flubit’s senior product manager, Ed.

Flubit Analytics/ User Flow Tracking/ SEO

The Flubit Product Management and Development teams have been upgrading the performance of in a few key areas to see where we can get the most value from improving existing functionality. For example, is losing users from the site due to UX issues, customers getting confused about the interaction with services, and what experiments could be run to test-case improvements. is also upgrading the SEO of the marketplace to generate additional ‘free-marketing’ enabling the team to bring new customers to the site. Tests show that even just having customers see “” in the search results will act as brand awareness for potential users, even if the user doesn’t click the link. The key areas the team are focused on improving are the Collection, Search and Product pages.

MonetaryUnit Wallets:

Trezor Integration:

Our Developer have been working on Trezor integration as he integrated Trezor’s blockbook for MUE. In addition, he’s working on refining the block explorer that is used by Trezor to obtain the correct information on MUE before making it live for users.

New MonetaryUnit Wallet:

In addition we are creating a brand new MUE web wallet from scratch which will be integrated with the Flubit Point Rewards System we currently offer. This new wallet will allow for direct connection to via the web wallets API. It will streamline the process to purchase goods on For example, if a user has 200 MUE on the web wallet they will automatically see 200 points on their Flubit account when they log in and vice versa.

The new API structure will also permit for customers to use their MUE points via the web wallet instantly. It will also allow customers to purchase MUE without the extra step of entering their email address or MUE address when applying to purchases on Flubit.

Github Integrations:

TrustWallet MUE Integration:

MUE has been successfully merged into TrustWallet and should be live mid-June.

Details below

MonetaryUnit and Flubit Events:

Our team finds it important to connect with the community virtually and face to face.

Here is a list of events in which we had representation.

5/1 Blockchain Empire Meetup, Inland Empire, USA

5/2 Orange County Meetup, USA

5/13–5/15 Consensus 2019 NY, USA

5/22 Blockchain Beach and The Rabbit Hodl Bitcoin Pizza Day Santa Monica, USA

5/25 West Coast Litecoin Foundation Meetup Los Angeles, USA


5/24 Live Interview with DigiByte Team Member


We have you covered with a monthly video update.

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