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Sep 25, 2019 · 4 min read

Monthly update on the MonetaryUnit and Flubit teams for the month of September 2019.

Flubit Marketplace:

Flubit is an e-commerce marketplace that accepts both fiat and crypto.

Cryptocurrency accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DigiByte and of course our native currency MonetaryUnit (MUE).

Use MonetaryUnit (MUE) and save 20% site-wide.

Sign up to our Elite program save 25% site-wide.

Global shipping offered.

Flubit Points System Update:

Flubit Points launched on at the start of July 2019. Flubit Points is a re-branded version of MUE that allows customers to easily buy MUE and creates savings by spending the MUE on Prior to Flubit Points, customers were required to download a MUE Wallet which created a barrier to entry for many non-crypto customers. The July introduction of Flubit Points means the MUE wallet now sits directly in the user account. Users can instantly purchase (with a credit or debit card) the required MUE, which is then sent to their account — showing as Flubit Points; with a couple of clicks these points can be used to buy millions of items.

The greatest way to show success of Flubit Points is through data, and the data below is an extract of the amount of MUE bought and subsequently spent on, month-by-month. From June to September there has been a 1,000% growth in user purchase, the Flubit team have attributed this growth to the easy of interface and user-experience that Flubit Points offers customers. Despite the significant growth in August, mid-month September stats look set to grow another 30% MoM.

The change to Flubit points sees 80% of customers who begin the crypto journey complete their checkout, compared to 24% who completed when users were left to self-manage their wallets. Finally, crypto purchases are creating a surge in average order volume on Flubit. The AOV for non-crypto orders is £24, whereas the crypto purchases stand at £84

Since the successful launch of the Flubit Points System our devs have been working on upgrading the Flubit points security and general maintenance on all the services.

The Flubit Points System allows customers to earn and spend Flubit Points on the Flubit marketplace and can be used on ALL items.

Flubit Points can be earned on, and then can be applied on all purchases which will allow them to save 20%.

Below is chart depicting the amount of MUE transacted on

MonetaryUnit Web Wallet:

A multi-currency web wallet has been created and does not store any user’s info on any databases.

Use it here:

If you have any questions or need any help our developers and community members can assists in our new Telegram chat here:

BTM With MUE Launch:

A BTM with MUE is currently in the works, the first BTM with MUE will be placed in Budapest, with more locations coming soon. The release will be announced soon.

MonetaryUnit Stake Safe:

On 9/4/2019 we released a Raspberry Pi wallet for staking. You can pick up a MonetaryUnit Stake Safe for all your staking needs.

Pick one up here

Electrum MonetaryUnit Wallet:

We now have an Electrum wallet for MUE running on Linux and OS X that can be found below.

Edge Wallet:

Last month a PR was opened for MonetaryUnit (MUE) to be added to Edge Wallet. We are still waiting on a release date.

GitHub Link:

MonetaryUnit and Flubit Events:

Our team finds it important to connect with the community virtually and face to face.

Here is a list of events at which we had representation.

MonetaryUnit and September 2019 Updates:

8/13 Futurist — Toronto, Canada

8/22 Lolli Meetup — Los Angeles, California

8/31 Tech Walk Brighton Brighton, UK

9/1 Bitcoin Is Event — Los Angeles, California

9/18 Product Tank — London UK

9/20 Coinvention — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9/25 Tech Walk — Brighton, UK

We are also proud to announce that we will be one of the sponsors for BitBrum in the UK!

The event is 11/3/2019 — we hope to meet you there

Rumor has it both the Flubit and MonetaryUnit teams will be at CoinFest 2020!


If you have any suggestions to help us improve, please let us know, customer satisfaction comes first!

Monetary Unit

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MonetaryUnit is a decentralized & self-governed cryptocurrency with an open-source architecture.

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