The 5 Best Instagrams for Financial Inspiration

When you think of Instagram, you might expect to see people sharing selfies and pictures of their breakfast. But chances are, you’re missing out. This massive social platform is an amazing place get money saving inspiration. Why? Because being able to peek into the daily life of successful individuals and cool magazines can give you that extra motivation when you feel exhausted or frustrated with your finances.

Here are 5 must-follow profiles to check out ASAP:


Entrepreneur’s Instagram account covers what inspires entrepreneurs as well as what they need to know to succeed. If you´ve ever thought about starting your own business, start here:


Wealthy, permanently innovating and always having fun. Is Richard Branson an unusual guy with a passion for the extraordinary and a life full of luxuries? Yes — but he also works extremely hard and is a role model for many successful self-starters.


Business, finance, and political news. Financial Times’ Instagram is the account to follow if you want to be updated on the financial world on the go.


One of the original business thought leaders who learned how to monetize his knowledge through books, speaking, and media. Brian Tracy always has great lessons on success.


If you’re a fan of motivational quotes, Zig Ziglar’s Instagram is for you. From classic aphorisms to fresh wise words and everything in between, it’s easy to read one that matches your current mood.

Are we missing any inspirational account worth sharing? Don’t keep them to yourself — write them in the comments below!

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