I recently was engaged in a Twitter chat for #CreditChat.

Below are my answers to the question topics.

Through analyzing data and conducting surveys on moneyjojo.com readers we found that social influences are some of the main causes of compulsive purchasing

When you realize that you are running out of space in your home and have lots of products stored away or cluttering your room, you even have items you forgotten about, then that is a clear sign your a compulsive spender.

There are psychological help services out there but perhaps try to realise yourself why you are making these…

The best Ways to Pay down Debt

Are you looking for the best ways to pay down debt? There are several options available and each depends on what the debt is, how much it is for and your ability to pay it back. Here are a few suggestions with the pros and cons of ways to pay down your debts.

1) Seek Advice From A Financial Counsellor

If your debts have overtaken your ability to pay them and you are facing bankruptcy, you could meet with a financial counsellor and have all your debts brought into one consolidated loan. …

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