Avada Best Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme in the World

Theme Avada — a true bestseller in the WordPress world! Since its release in August 2012, Avada has been downloaded more than 250,000 times from the large store and the templates ThemeForest, which definitely makes it one of the most popular premium themes in WordPress.


Demo threads perform excellent work: it is not only “sell” the very subject, but also helps to create confidence that you will be able to create such a masterpiece Internet without any special programming skills. However, very often our dreams do not coincide with reality, and the result may differ significantly from the promotional material.
 Therefore, today we have decided to conduct an experiment to check how easy it is to install and use the theme Avada, and what result we really be expected eventually.

What is the topic?

Before turning to the heart of the matter, we would prefer to draw your attention to the subsequent truth. There are two basic types of threads.
 The first type — these are the topics that are created under the specific site, include a minimum set of options and owned by a limited number of additional functions.
 The second type — a multi-functional themes that are universal tools and approaches to create totally different sites.

Avada, of course, refers to the second type. Its developers have made the most of their skills and abilities to make a very multi-purpose theme, which will contain the full range of different functions, layouts, templates, in addition, be able to easily integrate with other plugins.
 If this is not the type of theme that you want to buy, then this article is unlikely to be able to convince you.
 However, if you like the idea that you can use only one theme to create and modify absolutely any site without much effort and basic programming knowledge, then Avada — exactly the topic you are looking for.
 So, without further ado, let’s go directly to Review WordPress theme by Avada ThemeFusion.

Avada Best Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme in the World

Functions Avada, which helped her to become the most popular topic

One would think that the Avada theme is fully staffed, but, nevertheless, the number of available functions is constantly growing. The developers have done an excellent job for increasing basic functions of WordPress and eventually created this multi-functional giant.
 The full list of topics is much longer than the opportunities, however, here are some of the main features offered by Avada:
 * A tool for making custom pages with a large vary of components
 * All demo content found in some ready-made templates
 * Function fullscreen background video
 * Lateral header files
 * Customizing Header background transparency
 * Custom background for the individual elements (columns, posts and pages)
 * The effects of blur and scrolling for background images
 * Tools for reviews, portfolios, etc.
 * Built-in styles for popular plugins (WooCommerce and Gravity Forms)
 All functions can be easily customized to your requirements, which makes the Avada theme is extremely flexible.

Getting Started with Avada

After installing and activating the theme you are prompted to install the necessary plug-in for Fusion Core, and recommended premium plugins LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution.
 Thanks to the developers, you can install additional plug-ins, with just a few clicks. Then you can begin to customize the theme.
 If you look at the interface of your site, you’ll notice that it looks far as demo Avada. However, you have several options for further action to help improve the situation.
 One option is to import all demo content. Another — a reconstruction of separately selected pages. The second embodiment can be accomplished using a Fusion Builder tool. In addition, you can always manually copy and paste the required code from the documentation pages.

Control Panel Avada theme

Most likely, you do not want to use absolutely all the demo content on your website. This means that you need to go to the theme control panel and start to customize the look of your site.


As you can see, this theme control panel contains a large number of different options and provides access to countless site settings.
 To make the most of all possible themes, consideration should be given to the menu and to study in detail what kind of setup offers theme. However, if you are just starting to get acquainted with the subject, it may be more appropriate to make the minimum basic settings and move more accurate analysis of possible topics for later.

Tool Fusion Page Builder

Avada comes complete with its own tool for creating pages.


Interface tool for building page layout is quite simple and intuitive. The first step is to select the speaker positions, then you can begin to fill your layout content.


When it comes to adding content, you can insert any of the available items and then customize it.


You can customize the layout as you need. The theme allows you to add different number of lines, each of which can have its own layout Hotel. You can add the necessary elements in each row and column that will allow you to get rid of the limitations of the standard WordPress editor and create a truly impressive page.

The result you can see in the preview window without leaving himself Fusion Page Builder.
 Through the same tool you can save your layouts to reuse already created, or to use one of the available built-in templates.
 posts and pages settings
 Like the Fusion Builder, from posts and pages have an own separate control panel, which allows you to edit and customize the appearance of the required functions.

The topic covered a wide range of options: adding background images, display adjustment sliders, headers, sidebars, etc.
 All settings apply only to a specific post or page to which you are currently working. This allows you to individually configure each site section and fully customize the appearance and function of your content.

Other settings and features of Avada

Custom post types, which are offered by Avada (Portfolio and FAQ), also have their own customized settings and taxonomy sets to help you organize them more efficiently.

Avada provides the ability to create sidebars area for your site, which can be displayed on one or more pages. With this feature, you can fully control all the widgets that will be displayed next to your content.
 There is also a setting to display the menu in different parts of the site, “fixed” title, options for a single-site, etc. In addition, at your disposal will be a whole library of useful shortcodes.
 On top of all this, you also get access to premium plugins LayerSlider WP and Revolution Slider for adding spectacular animated sliders.

Cons Avada and multi-purpose themes in general

With so much at its disposal tools and functions is the likelihood that you will have an irresistible urge to use them all at once. Just because you now have the ability to add sliders, animations, or other items of interest, yet it does not mean that you should definitely do it.
 In no event should not overload your site. Firstly, this has a negative impact on the speed of his boot, and secondly, remember the expression, “Better Fewer, However Better”, with a minimalist approach to the design, you can achieve much more (but here is all depends on the type of site and the result, you expect to receive).
 The same need to remember when you are working with the parameters of customization. Therefore, the fact that the Avada offers to choose from a variety of different fonts, background and many types of other design elements does not mean that you have to use each of them at the registration site.
 Restraint and focus on achieving a specific goal will help you avoid silly errors associated with greater freedom of choice, and you can create a site that will surely enjoy your visitors.

The cost

You can buy Avada theme on ThemeForest for $ 59, which will use it on the same end product (ie on the same site).


Avada — a multi-functional theme that offers a huge number of different settings, features, and even more plugins (LayerSlider WP and Revolution Slider). It comes with a powerful tool to create pages, which includes a lot of ready-made layouts that will help you save the time.
 However, despite the detailed documentation and the ability to download the demo content on your site, do not underestimate the task of development and management of the theme. At the wrong approach, you will be in the hands of a very powerful tool that does will not interact with your real site and not be able to have a positive impact on its development and growth of your business.
 Therefore, if you are thinking about buying this theme, we believe that you should have a concrete understanding of what you are buying. However, if you have already made a decision and are ready to do more with the Avada theme, you can be sure that will always find useful information about its features, interesting materials and lessons.
 To get a better idea of the Avada, you can go to the official ThemeForest and view the demo site.
 Share the impressions in the comments below.

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