NEOBUX REVIEW : Is neobux legit or a scam PTC website.

In this article am going to do an extensive Neobux review — looking at various ways to assess if Neobux is indeed a legit website or is it scamming its users!! Neobux is perhaps one of the best PTC and yet one of the most controversial PTC website currently existing. If you search for Neobux review you will definitely come across contrasting opinion about Neobux- some calling Neobux a total scam to some users exhorting Neobux as the King of PTC.!!! 
 So why are users so divided in opinion about this amazing PTC.!! 
 visit the Neobux website.Here !!

Neobux review :
 Lets take a look at some of the strengths and drawbacks of Neobux.

Strengths :
 a.Neobux is popular and powerful. 
 Take a look at the following statistics: Currently Neobux boasts of some amazing statistics : 
 an Alexa rank of 647 as of June 2017 .!!! (An alexa rank below 1000 is considered a highly popular and highly visited website). 
 more than 20 million traffic per month 
 30,000,000 advertisement visualizations daily. 
 About 11,000 new members join Neobux Daily !!!. 
 average of about 100,000 $ payment to members daily !!! 
 Neobux members is unknown since admin has kept that statistics secret. But definitely more than 10,0000 members. 
 It is beyond doubt the most popular PTC website ever. The closest PTC website that comes anyway near to Neobux is Clixsense. Unfortunately , starting from 15th July 2017 Clixsense will no longer be a PTC website. It is stopping the PTC part of its website and functioning as a site for micro-tasking and survey offers. That now leaves Neobux as the undisputed King of PTC. 
 b.Trusted admin : 
 Neobux was launched in March 2008. It became fully functional on 1st april 2008. It is now 9 years since Neobux was started and Neobux has been faithfully paying its members on time. The admin of neobux is from Portugal, but now he operates the website fully from New York, USA. 
 In the PTC industry longevity is rare.Only the best PTC websites last beyond 3 years. The fact that Neobux has lasted so long is a tribute to the trustworthiness of its admin !! 
 c.Payment to members !!! 
 One of the most important question one needs to ask in reviewing any PTC website is- is this PTC site paying its members or not.If yes , is it a late payment or timely payment or selective payment. Neobux ticks all the right boxes here !!!!And this is perhaps the most important question any new user would want to know. 
 There are some PTC website like that pays its members selectively. Then there are websites that take long time to pay its members is again guilty of this. 
 Neobux has been paying its members on time to all its members.Lets take a look at some payment proof.

NeoBux payments

d. Earning potential !! 
 How much can I earn from Neobux ?What is the maximum earning potential a member can earn from Neobux. 
 Its an unlimited potential.!! 
 To answer this question, lets take a look at how much Neobux memebers are actually earning from Neobux !!!!

Neobux profits

The above screen shot shows how much a neobux member is actually earning. reggen666 from Greece is currently earning a whooping 2500$ per month. wow !! 
 Lets look at another high earner in Neobux. magnet5674 is another high earner from England who is currently earning about 1500$ monthly from Neobux.!! He has earned more than 1,13,550 $ since joining Neobux in 2009 !!!

Neobux story

e.Longevity : 
 Neobux has been online for 9 years. This is a long time for a PTC website. In fact there are only few PTC websites which are older than Neobux and still paying its members.These include : Launched in 2003. 
 Clixsense — launched in 2007 
 Longevity is another positive attribute to Neobux. Thanks to a honest and trustworthy admin and its sustainable model- the Bux model. 
 The so called Bux model is characterized by availabilty of Rented referrals and high cost of upgrading membership. Neobux is the prototype Bux model PTC website. 
 f.Active forum:
 An active forum is a sign of a healthy PTC website.,Here PTC members can interact and exchange ideas and even their earning status. Therefore any PTC admin that wants to cheat will purposely omit a forum because he/she will not want its members sharing their frustrations and problems. 
 Neobux has an amazing Forum.I have been personally benefited from it. I have also started my own thread- my neobux journey in neobux.You can click the link below to follow my earning status and vital information I have shared on my personal neobux thread on neobux.

Neobux review :
 Drawbacks of Neobux.

a.Slow earning : 
 Neobux is definitely not a quick way to become rich. In all PTC websites income is low to start with. In fact it might take a few years before a person can start making a good income from Neobux. Hence it is ofter compared to the Financial Investment Schemes with high returns. 
 Making a good income on any PTC websites needs hard work, dedication and some smart marketing strategy !!!! 
 This is not for lazy ones !!! 
 b.Difficulty in managing Rented Referrals.
 Managing rented referral is a key to success in any Bux model PTC websites. Many users have randomly invested huge amount of cash in buying lots of rented referrals without first learning how to manage them. This type of users are the ones who have lost lots of cash and are now calling Neobux a scamming website. In fact almost all those users giving a bad Neobux review are because of this. 
 Therefore it is advisable to all new members of neobux to study the various aspects of Neobux before investing any money on neobux..!!! 
 c.Neobux is not available on Mobile and Tablets. 
 As of now Neobux does not allow users to use Mobile phones and Tablets .This is because the admin of Neobux is of the opinion that advertisers will not get the full benefit if it allows users to log in from mobile phones which uses a small screen and hence may not be able to read the advertisements clearly. 
 This might be true but its clearly a handicap as far as reaching to more customers is concerned… 
 Neobux review : My personal experience 
 Before I finish this Neobux review i wanna share my personal experience of working on Neobux. 
 I have been member of Neobux since March 2017. I have now 1000 Rented Referrals and 24 Direct Referrals. I have so far earned 3000$ , but i have re-invested most of it back to Neobux so as to grow my account. 
 The most difficult aspect was learning how to manage the Rented Referrals. But after I became an active member of the Neobux forum I slowly started to learn the ideas and currently I am able to effectively manage my Rented referrals positively. 
 After a thorough analysis and carefully look at Neobux, I am convinced that Neobux is not a scam at all.It is truly an amazing PTC website- my personal favorite PTC.

Neobux is the King of PTC.

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