New to Link Exchange? Here’s What You Need to Know

Link Exchange — a useful tool to increase the rankings of sites that need to advance in the search engines. Many algorithms take into account the result is the formation of issue. Site owners communicate with each other directly or by means of special sites and then post on their site links to thematically similar pages to each other, accompanying them with a brief explanation or other challenging text.

Under the concept of promotion of the resource most often refers to contextual or banner advertising, but in practice, the campaign consists of a set of methods, not the least of which is the exchange of links to sites. For several months, you can see excellent results, including an increase in attendance.

Such a method has virtually no defects. It is only important to choose the right partner site, tracking the subject of the resource, as well as avoiding the dubious portals with a negative reputation. Lack of exchange of one — a waste of time, but soon it will pay off in full the benefits obtained. In addition, special service link exchange will greatly simplify the task, allowing you to quickly and successfully to advertise your site.

It is also necessary to control the placement of links. For example, the location of the link in one of the difficult or unpopular pages will not bring the desired result, because there comes not every visitor and not even every automatic robot. The main difficulty — to achieve equal exchange, so do not neglect this matter, it is better to entrust its professionals or use multiple support tools.

Benefits of link exchange

Free link exchange has several advantages:

A large amount of high-quality reference weight is good for performance of search engines. This helps promote the site in search results.
 Relationship with resources related subjects add site information value from the viewpoint of users. If the resource has brought real benefits to the visitor, whether it’s even a link to another site, the probability of return is significantly increased with the level of confidence.

High quality link exchange system

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High-quality flow of unique visitors to the site will expand the audience and make the promotion of a resource more effective.
 Text links on statistics are much greater response than banners and other promotional tools.
 Links to third-party resources may become an additional source of passive income for the owners.
 It is important to remember that you should not start a free exchange links with sites whose reputation is questionable, because it can negatively affect the attitude of visitors, resulting in the opposite effect.

Types of link exchange

Exchange of links to the sites can take many forms, depending on the task and its implementation.

Direct exchange
 This implies the presence of feedback, when the owners of two similar sites agree among themselves, and post links to each other on their pages. It is important to consider the theme of the two sites, because in the absence of points of contact, the search engines regard this method as an unfair promotions. In addition, when the relationship is fundamentally different pages it is impossible to achieve a stable audience growth, except in rare individual visitors who will be interested in the topic.

Ring exchange
 Expected to participate over three sites, among which the first refers to the second, the second to the third, and the third (the last else in the chain) again at first. Now, this method also loses its effectiveness by detecting the search algorithms.

Cross exchange
 This implies the participation of more than four sites, which link to each other. The chain links can be gradually built up on both sides, complemented with new sites. The technical organization of such a method is more complicated, but its efficiency is much higher. To find partners to help dedicated link exchange forum and other themed site. In addition, this method allows for unequal exchange in which a trust link can vary by several less trust.

Through links
 This method concerns placing the same quality links, because most of the so-called directory, “links to resources” and other topics have long filtered by search engines, thereby losing any value. Through links placed so as to pass through the site as if reflected across all pages. They naturally fit into the contents, whereby a high priority. Before thinking where to get the link to share, and how to enter it in the text, it is important to remember that their number should not be excessive, so as not to create the effect of congestion.
 In addition, consider the manual and automatic exchanges. The first is a more time-consuming, however, and more secure, because presupposes the existence of an individual approach, the search for sites with similar themes and thoughtful arrangements for the exchange. The second is based on the use of specialized software, or services that can significantly speed up and beg work. Different tools are different characteristics and degrees of effectiveness, but among them you can always look for the best option.

Exchange referral links

Exchange referral links — a separate category that deserves attention. This is one of the most popular methods of online income, which does not require investments and is in great demand among users. Referral link is different from the usual presence of a special code, which allows you to specify a user went on whose invitation. They may be different views and formats, but all present certain additional elements in the URL, which is easy to recognize a link. Referral links are always unique and may include an affiliate id which attracts referrals.

Referrals — Visitors who have got to the page, the last registration or perform other actions on a different link. Most referral programs store data about a visit for some time, so even if the referral back to the site later, it will still be assigned to a referrer who invited him earlier.

To start sharing a referral link, you must create an account in the relevant programs. In addition to text links, they usually offer advertising banners, buttons and other options, among which you can choose the most effective.

Placing referral links can be performed on any pages that users of the potential audience. Especially should pay attention to these options:

Social networks: thematic community or personal pages.
 Forums: personal signature, new themes, special sections.
 Messengers: status or personal information.
 Own Website or Blog: feature articles, in which reference will be inscribed.

Furthermore, it can be paid and Methods:

Publication of paid articles on third-party resources.
 The use of specialized sites, boards, forums and communities.
 Acquiring referrals through a special stock exchange, which are often attached to large affiliate programs.
 Payments to other users for placement of links.
 All the methods have their advantages and nuances, so that among them impossible to isolate a single optimum. Maximum success can be achieved by combinations of various embodiments competent also given subject links and specificity requirements audience, other factors.

Secrets of a successful exchange

Choosing where to get a reference to the exchange, it is necessary first to draw attention to some nuances:

Content on this site should be unique, interesting and relevant topics, to cause the interest of potential partners.
 Agreeing on mutual placement of links, you must carefully uncover all the benefits that this collaboration will bring to owners of both resources and for their audience.
 Location links better to stipulate in advance to avoid conflicts in the future.
 Using the link exchange forums, message boards or personal e-mail, you must carefully consider the message an appeal, that it was interesting, to attract attention and inspire confidence.
 Page with a link must always be indexed by search engines, or citation index and ratings on such exchange will not improve. It should also monitor site statistics, using special counters or visit the server files. It will assess the actual, rather than predicted effect.

Why a link exchange?

So why still need a link exchange? There are many reasons for the popularity of this trend, and the advancement of sites — is not the only one.

Why a link exchange

1.Demonstration of a partner network
 Exchange of information between personal or commercial sites of different companies allows us to show with whom cooperated particular company or individual, which contacts are available whether you can trust this site.

 Link exchange service involves placing links for subsequent clicks. It is important to take into account a number of nuances. For example, a surplus of links on a single page probably will not cause the user wish to view them. Ideal — placing a link on the home page of another site. It is important to remember that most visitors discover the resources of similar subjects, so that the choice of partners is important to consider the interests of the target audience. This need not necessarily be identical direction, but it is desirable that they have been linked. Finally, reference should attract attention, but do not be annoying, so it pays to pay attention as her appearance.

3.Search rankings
 Working with search engines, many faced with the phrase “found under the link”. This applies to just the resources, links are available on the authoritative websites with high ratings and a confidence level. Thus, to improve the situation of the site in the issuance of certain key requests, reference should be as accurate as possible match this word or phrase.

4.Citation Index
 Citation Index indicates the total number of links pointing to a particular site with a third-party resources. It is calculated algorithms of search engines to determine relevance and page popularity, because the more often refer to it, the more popular it is often actually. Having this information allows you to more accurately formulate the results of issue, taking into account not only the total quantity but also the weight of the links. The very weight is calculated on the basis of thematic proximity of sites and other parameters.


Link Exchange — a useful and versatile tool that automatically solves several problems. Like other methods of promotion, it needs a competent implementation.

Exchange of view, especially the compilation and link placement, as well as other details are completely dependent on the specifics of the situation, so it is important to provide an individual approach, which is essential to achieve optimal results.

There are plenty of popular error, which is important to avoid, because otherwise you can get a result, counter-productive. It should be understood that to generate positive reputation site from scratch is much easier than working with pages already fall under the penalties and sanctions of search engines.

Therefore, it is important to exchange links only to use trusted partners, professional techniques and safe software. Fortunately, a variety of available options makes it easy to select the best solutions for all occasions.

In any case, it is a simple and well-known method of increasing the so-called citation index, if necessary promotion and advancement of the resource. The method is based on the fact that the owners or webmasters of sites agree among themselves, exchanging banners, active links or other means to go to the site.

Of course, such a tool does not suit the competing organizations, but it is an excellent way to collaborate resources, working in one area, but perform different tasks.

Link Exchange — mutually beneficial cooperation, excellent affecting the promotion of the site and increase the targeted audience. The main problem with this method — the time spent.

Required to search for potential partners and negotiate and agree about all details. But this method is characterized by affordability, it does not require substantial cash investments.

But before planning a link exchange, you need to accurately and objectively assess your own website, its structure and usability, content quality and other aspects, without which the transition on the banners and links will not give any result.

However, the presence of links to related thematic resources also increases the value of the portal, since all the useful information collected in one place, be sure to pleasantly surprise visitors.

Originally published at Money Online Keys.