Freelancing Is All About The Benjamins.
Jon Westenberg

Good SOLID advice! I’ve been freelancing for 9 years, and still, I read this and went “hmm, that’s GREAT ADVICE, and maybe I should get better at implementing it”. I almost had to go back to a corporate job because of the no 1/2 down on a project. Thank the gods for my resourcefulness and being able to stick it through the major-client-not-paying-me stage. I wish I had an attorney/Sheriff to send after that client (which still hasn’t paid me, hehe).

We (freelancers) don’t have the legal support that an employee has. If an employee isn’t getting paid for work that they’ve done, there’s a legal way to be protected. If a freelancer isn’t paid for work that they did, they don’t have that (free) legal help that the employees have. So we have to be our own attorneys, we have to be our own “Sheriff”, our own support system. Even with trackable communications (proposals and “contracts”), some clients will still try get to get out of paying.

The 1/2 up front is my new GOLDEN RULE! We don’t talk without it. I don’t work without it anymore. PERIOD!

Anyway, GREAT ADVICE Jon Westenberg!

Thanks for the great article. (ThumbsUp)

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