7 Powerful Beliefs That Will Lead You to Success

We all have that inner voice — the that tells you you’re not going to make it.

That you’re not good enough. You’re undeserving. It’s too late. You can’t win. You fail at everything.

If you listen to it, that voice will dictate the beliefs you hold about yourself.

With these seven powerful beliefs, you can change that voice, change your thoughts, change your life.

Record them in your mind and heart so there’s no room for negativity and doubt, and then aim for the stars.

1. It’s better to fail than to play it too safe.

Failure is not a grievous end but a stepping stone to success. That doesn’t make it easy or fun, but there are benefits to be gained. Life lessons tend to be repeated until you learn them, and pain is one way the universe gets your attention. Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together.

2. There is always an opportunity.

The first step in any successful venture is recognizing the opportunity. Opportunities are in front of you every day, but to see them, you need to look at the world as a place of hope and possibility, not of limits, obstacles, and problems.

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