Fluff in Entrepreneurship

She said, “Monique, people want to buy fluff. You need to realize that.”

“Wow!” I could not believe what I was hearing. As a consumer myself, I certainly didn’t want to buy fluff. In fact, I hate to purchase something that is beneath the quality expected.

Seeking more clarity, I said, “Why would people want to buy fluff? Aren’t they really seeking a solution to their problem and real results?”

“No”, she said. “They want to buy whatever makes them feel good. People like to be sold a bill of goods.”

Although I’m an entrepreneur, I’m first and foremost a consumer. I personally don’t have that philosophy. I’m pissed anytime I purchase something that does not provide value. In fact, if I can return it, I do. With that in mind, I put forth 100% in any service I provide, and many times packed with so much value, clients are overwhelmed. I couldn’t imagine shortchanging people. To receive this kind of advice is, to say the least, disheartening.

Is this really how people are making their money? Is that the name of the game; sell a bill of goods with disregard for the consumer?

As I started out on my entrepreneurial journey over 10 tens ago, doing real estate while working full-time in my engineering career, I always intended to help people be in a better position after they worked with me than before. Anything other than that, was a waste of my time and theirs since it wouldn’t be a mutual exchange of value.

Unfortunately, what I hear from many of the entrepreneurs (and successful ones I might add) is to give a customer just enough, no more, and move on to the next transaction. My response: I won’t. I don’t know how to half-a$$ anything and I certainly won’t make that a part of my business philosophy. I never want to be the “Walmart” of anything….selling something that looks good but has low quality and no longevity in use. You know, people buy stuff like that and then bad-mouth it with their friends.

What are your thoughts? Have you had this conversation with fellow entrepreneurs before? Do you see everyone as a transaction?

I am Monique Mills, a technology entrepreneur and Principal of TPM Focus. I’m known to assertively speak on topics I’m passionate about and this is one of many.