Humble People Don’t Get Rich

I was literally blown away by the comment. You see for me, coming from a very humble background, I don’t know how to be anything else but grateful for my current life, accomplishments, and peace of mind that I’ve been able to achieve despite overcoming, what seemed to others to be, insurmountable challenges. Most importantly, I’m empathetic and respectful of others circumstances, feelings, and mindset. It’s just innate, a part of who I am.

However, a wealth manager I was considering working with recently told me that, “Humble people don’t get rich.” I swear to you, that’s what she said and I was so shocked that my mouth literally stood open and my heart began to race unlike ever before. She stated to me that “you have to be more cut-throat, not care so much about people, and always, always think about how things will benefit you before anything else. You can’t be nice.”

I guess I can’t be rich yall…