Is it Easy to Choose Data Center Services in India?

Choosing data center services in India is far from easy. You have to consider many factors to be able to make the right decision about data center colocation. When you choose colocation hosting, you can put your servers in a third party facility and the colocation provider will give you the bandwidth, power supplies, networking connections, cooling systems, security and supports you need for data storage. Hiring data center services in India is considered to be a good business decision because maintaining private data centers is costly. Not only will you have to buy and maintain the servers, you will also have to recruit and maintain teams for its management. This leads to very high operational costs and makes it rather hard for small and medium sized businesses to afford. Before you sign up with a colocation hosting provider however, you must look into some factors:

  • To begin with, location of the data center services in India that you may have chosen is of utmost importance. When this data center is very far from your facility, you will have to bear huge transport costs to send you men and machinery to carry out repair works there.
  • When choosing data centers services in India, you must also ensure that the facility is not in a region which is very prone to calamities like floods. While there many e new building technologies to lessen the impact of earthquakes, it is better to choose a site which is far away from any such earthquake-prone zone. Clients will be more than ready to pay extra for this.
  • The facility that you choose to place your servers in must have uninterrupted access to power supplies. This refers to both the power that the data center needs and the power that will be needed to run the equipments.
  • The data center facility you have selected must not only boast of adequate power supplies, air-conditioning and cooling systems, space and connectivity, but these places should also have access to other necessities. So there must be proper conference rooms, copy machines, break rooms, access to phones and fax machines, storage areas for client equipments, secure loading docks etc. That apart, the data center should have a qualified and capable team to provide technical support round the clock.
  • When data requirements increase, it is natural that businesses will need greater bandwidth and networking speeds. This is why it is important to choose data center services in India that can not only guarantee a high network uptime, but also scalability for growth. This means that the host should be able to offer you additional space or bandwidth when you need these.
  • Without proper security arrangements, you cannot think of placing your servers in a remote data center. Data centers typically have robust security provisions like on-site surveillance, security cameras, mantraps, cardkey entry, biometric access, physical barriers to prevent forced entry, layered security zones, monitoring systems etc. These measures are especially beneficial for smaller businesses which cannot afford such high-end security for their data.
  • Finally, you must choose data center services in India that are financially stable. You will not be interested in placing your data in a facility that is liable to shut down soon. This is why it may be a good idea to check for the colocation provider’s financial records.