Top SSL Certificate Providers — Protect & Secure Sites

The importance of the need for the right SSL Certificate providers cannot be underestimated.

After all, SSL certificates create secure encrypted connections and also reinforce the legitimacy of your website and in the process authenticity of your company.

Even though the present government is pushing e-governance and promoting cashless shopping, the public is still wary about shopping online.

This is not surprising because the internet shopping has still not made the kind penetration we see in the developed nations.

People are apprehensive about online shopping because doubtful security that has led to thousands of credit card details being shared publicly.

If you want to promote your online retail business, it is essential to develop consumer confidence in your website, otherwise you stand to lose scores of potential customers.

It is in this context the importance of SSL Certificate providers crop up.

For those who are not familiar, here are a few things about SSL Certificate they should know:

  • A Certifying Authority or CA issues digital certificates that include a public key and the identity of the owner.
  • SSL Refers to Secure Sockets Layer authentication protocol over an encrypted channel.
  • Digital Certificates are means through which enterprises and consumers use the security applications or technologies that facilitate secure e-commerce on internet based exchanges. Digital certificates encrypt online interactions between the end-users’ website and a website.

An SSL Certificate issued by a Certifying Authority to a company and its website validates that a trusted third party has authenticated the certificate issued to the company. The browser thereafter lets users know that the website is secure and safe for browsing, and that they can enter confidential information.

Choosing one among the best SSL Certificate providers is a matter of trust and confidence. A discerning purchaser typically looks at the level of service offered by the provider.

Some of the well-known certificate providers include VeriSign, GeoTrust, Digicert, Comodo, GoDaddy, and Network Solutions.

Here are some of the features an SSL Provider must have:

Issuance Speed

There are providers that issue a low level certificate in quick time. Ideally a competent Certification Authority offers a high level validation certificate within a matter of hours.

Certificate Lifetime

Typically the lifespan of an SSL Certificate is one year. Nevertheless there are several providers that offer a 2–3 year lifespan certificate at a discounted rate.


It is vitally important that the Certification Authority you choose must instill trust into your end users. A website like SSL Shopper is very reliable for checking authentic CA reviews.

Customer Support

If you experience problems relating to acceptance of payments, the CA reps must be available 24 x 7 via email, phone or online chat or any other form of communication that best suits you.

To summarize, here are a few compelling reasons why choosing the best one among the various SSL Certificate providers is important.

  • The Certification Authority you choose will impact uptime, latency, and ease of use of your network.
  • The SSL Certificates issued create secure encrypted connections and also reinforce legitimacy of your website.

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