Syrian souls surviving in Turkey

Syrian refugee children in Reyhanli, Turkey

This was my 2nd deployment delivering aid and more to help support Syrian refugees in much need of support under United Aid Network (formerly known as Refugee Aid Network). We headed to Reyhanli in the south of Turkey in a country with over 2.5m refugees (based on last years UNHCR figures).

We distributed over 300 food packs and reached over 1200 people with food, medical aid and blankets. We funded a school of 450 refugee children for a month, installing 3 water filtration systems at Adana refugee camp and delivering medical equipment to a medical centre. 40+ orphans got a set of new clothes and we took them out for meal. Another orphanage we delivered 50 new blankets amongst other work achieved.

Children at Adana Camp, Turkey

Once again like Jordan this was quite the humbling and emotionally charged journey. When on deployment I feel like I have stepped into another reality, another dimension entirely. Of suffering and pain. How can our lives be so different? But it’s not another reality, it is our reality and we need to take action. We need to ease the suffering of our fellow man, of families, of innocent children who have had no choice to the circumstances they find themselves. Each one of us can make a contribution. Each one of us can make a difference even if that one life at a time.

1 of over 300 food parcels filled with rice, pasta, sugar and oil. Just the very basics to help people survive.

Among the many shocking and haunting images that stick with me was a man who suffered a chemical attack, his skin was red, most of his hair had fallen out and what remained had turned white. He was living in a hostel filled with injured and sick refugees.

We used almost every bit of time we had to get things done. Once again, it was a quite incredible and humbling experience, delivering food, means to safe drinking water, medical relief, smiles, love and hope. Thank you to everyone who has helped us for your support, and thank you Nahla for joining the cause — you did great work out there.

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Susheela Daniel at Adana camp
Nahla Nasser, United Aid Network aid worker