An Artistic Thought

I had my first Artist thought the other day. Not my first thought about art or doing art, but a thought of the nature that drives artists. I still remember my first Zen thought, it was about an everything bagel.

After 20 years of practice, one has an intimate relationship with thoughts. Content for the most part becomes secondary and the nature of them becomes foremost. The ordinary thoughts just drift on through, while the others you notice. I won’t digress on the nature of thought.

I started taking and posting daily pictures when I was in Maui to cheer an ailing friend. The light, the color, decent phone cameras and lots of free time to wander made it possible for me to get some great shots of flowers and sunsets. I have attracted an impressive double digit following on Instagram and share them over to Facebook.

After posting the header photo, I received 2 comments right away and thought to myself, ‘if these two only knew the company they were keeping’ … they would never consider exchanging any part of their lives and would disagree philosophically about everything. They certainly couldn't make it through a whole beer together.

Thats when it hit me …

I, via my art, had bridged the divide between them. If only for the briefest moment, I connected them.

I have often heard Artists say that their art is about bringing people together or bridging the gap between people, but I never got it at a motivational level.

I have always been intrigued by the unique way artists see the world differently. Sometimes in awe, more often in a ‘what are they seeing in that mess’ sort of way. At this age I have collected enough evidence to know a few of the ways I see the world differently. I do not think I am special in this. In many ways, my way of seeing gives me an advantage. In others, like art, I am certain I am missing out.

As nice as this moment was, I am still not an artist, it is not what drives me. It is a nice insight to have about my musician, painter, photographer, potter, jeweler, story telling, poet and writer friends however.

May your life go well …