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Faces of Feminine Rising

When I originally posted this on FB after the 2016 election it was more instinct of practice than a certainty. This past week we saw some irrefutable artifacts of the shift underway. I don’t know where this ends, but both the surface currents and the under currents are reshaping the world.

Many ancient cultures called for an ‘end-of -the-world’ in the 2012–2016 time frame. In Buddhism it was interpreted as ‘a raising of consciousness’; thus, the end of the old world.

Not often do I break my silence here, but here I go …
It is my belief that what we are watching in the world is the feminine archetype, after decades of stirring, starting to assert itself against the masculine archetype. This is threatening to established power structure and particularly threatening to people who identify with them.

It doesn't take years of practice or knowledge of psychology to understand the pictures above. The masculine grip is slipping, Fear is manifesting Anger and but for some forced civility in public, that would yield to violence.

Confusion of the feminine archetype with women, feminism, liberal ideas, etc … explains many of the posts here that are shocked by what a ‘liberal’ will do. We do know the feminine innately (culturally) with sayings like ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ or ‘If mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy’. | Win McNamee/Associated Press

In Zen we say ‘everything in the right place time and amount’. The karma of these two women to be in this place at this time and deliver this amount is very intriguing. I’m sure when they woke up, they had no idea they would come out of the closet of their sexual abuse on national TV.

Likewise, so is the karma of Jeff Flake to be the receiver of the message. He in particular, is in the pivotal place and time. We don’t get to see this play out so clearly very often.

In Zen the hell realm is more dynamic and subtle than the Christian binary out come of a life. Your hells are of your own making. The pic on the right is certainly the face of a man staring at two hells.

Whether this is a saber rattle of checks and balances or the beginning of a millennial sea change, is yet to be seen. My guess is it will be more direct like Kali than John the Baptist. However, as a boss of mine used to say ‘it’s going to get interesting and you have a good seat’.
Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP | Associated Press

Interesting, to me at least, is the simultaneous playing out of the longer game. As years of following process plays out for dozens of women against Bill Cosby a new stage is set against a new flavor of power. This episode will also have a figure head, but likely impact deeper than the prior cycle in the creative space (entertainers, movie stars, news anchors).

All of this points to the larger feminine archetypes (Kali) at play, rather than a few random acts of feminine power .

All of the above is just my explanation of the following striking words I read today as the closing to a longer piece. I have lifted them and will not attribute them so you can troll me instead.
“We ARE the great granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn.
This is your warning. Do you need an explanation?”

I don’t have a good enough imagination to see where this goes. Even my best predictions are so partial compared to the details of the reality. What I will say, is that I will be highly surprised if there is not a huge sea change in the elected officials, at all levels of governing, in the coming weeks.

If it turns out that way, this is far from over. I want to re-iterate I am not talking men and women here. We are talking feminine vs masculine archetypes. We all have them, they can be balanced, but very few can manifest this, certainly not me. Most of us have deeply rooted patterns favoring one side, but are not deaf to the other.

This means there is a lot of learning to be done by all. Thanks to Jeff Flake we all witnessed how that begins and saw the courage it takes. You look, you listen and though fearful, perplexed and confused; you keep the space open.

If the election does not turn out decisive, buckle up.