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Last Minute Gifts that We Can All Give

Giving requires both Giver and a Receiver. If you can Give nothing else this season be a gracious Receiver.

If the Giver is looking for more from you that is on them.

A sincere ‘Thank You’, nothing more, is great place to start if you are as uncomfortable in this role, as I was … am.

There is much we can give besides things:

First and foremost is Time. We are given this life and it comes with a finite amount of time. Therefore, where and how we spend our time is one of the most precious gifts we can give.

There are only so many days and hours in the holiday season, make your choices wisely. Making your holiday schedule as a Gifting decision, may be radically different than your habitual obligatory ideas.

Attention is another gift we can give. We are all busy these days, it is the culture we navigate and giving our full attention is very rare. Whether it is a chance encounter on the street, caught under the mistletoe, coffee date or a holiday party, be engaged, meet them the way they need to be engaged. If you find your mind wandering, just tell it to stop and come back to the situation.

One of the most challenging gifts we can give is to Give Up. For example we can give up our ideas, our childhood grievances or our comfort. I am not suggesting you stop forever, feel free to pick them back up after the gift is delivered.

What events or people do you avoid every year because they make you uncomfortable? or they are presented in a way or place you disagree with. Would attending a mid-night service, in a church that makes you uncomfortable be a great gift for someone? How about making or eating a gluten free, no nuts, no onions, must include kale vegan salad? Or maybe it is just being at the table with your siblings or ex.

All of the above require much giving of yourself.

This is why they are great gifts. You will find that they are much harder to give than a box of chocolates.

As mentioned above if the Receiver does not appreciate your gift, that is on them. Part of true giving is to have no expectations of return. They may not even recognize your gift. I am certain, done with your best intentions it will come back to you in many ways.

For tips on executing some of this holiday terrain see my post:

May your life go well …