Ode to the Spiritual Seeker

Enlightenment is everything just as it is; 

Embodied enlightenment is being ‘OK’ with things; 
just as they are.

The closer you are to ‘being here now’; 
the easier ‘OK’ becomes.

A gap exists because we are a paradox of Human and Being;
a human being.

There are practices to narrow this gap; 
life is practice.

The gap never closes; 
only narrows enough to leap.

With time the gap narrows enough to straddle; 
for parts of the journey.

We witness the straddle;
and call these people enlightened.

We witness the straddle;
and long for their calm demeanor.
and envy their apparent escape.
and desire what they project.

We witness the straddle;
and buy their adornments.
and mimic their motions.
and match their commitment on Tuesdays 5–6.

Secretly we loathe them;
not submitting to the human condition.

Enlightenment is delusion;