Road-Tripping through Transition

I have found facilitated traveling to be a great environment in helping people through transition. Whether it is a business or life issue, being on the move makes the obstacles more workable. In this case it was a business transition.

This role is more than being a travel buddy, bringing the focus back and providing structure are key components. There is no magic formula as everyone’s situation is different; however, there are common elements:

1) Do what the client loves to do. In this case it was motorcycle riding.
2) Move. This time it was in a 30’ motor home. Typically, it is in a car, but 5 hours on a golf cart works well too, as well as, hikes and general wanders.
3) Make time for the client to go off and be alone; ponder and integrate.

In this environment the creative process arises naturally; it starts with the layers of perceived issues, problems and road blocks being expressed and falling away; then the ideas start to flow. At some point ‘the idea’ surfaces and the fleshing out can begin.

I love Post-It-Notes for pondering and planning; they are interactive and it is easy to insert or delete an idea without breaking the flow. I’m sure we received many curious looks, with the RV windows covered in yellow, pink and blue squares.

While the client was doing his job of clearing his head in the desert, I would condense and reorganize the menagerie of post-its to be ready the next time we made a run at it.

In 10 days the morass of current projects, market positions, possibilities and life goals coalesced into an idea for a new product to build a business around. By the time we got to our destination we had written a Functional Requirements document. It could have just as easily been a business plan or a major life / career decision.

One of the best things about this method is the plan does not become a grand milestone with a big sigh upon its completion after literally months or years of anguish. With the client fresh and exhilarated from the adventure, the next steps naturally flow.

The next time your business, division, project, life, etc.… is stuck, consider getting out of the routine and on the road.

May your life go well.