Meet the Exclusive AC Milan NFTs Up For Auction: #2

MonkeyFans, day 2 of the AC Milan Retro Monkey NFT meet and greet is upon us!

Don’t forget, the auction for the AC Milan Retro 16 is only a couple days away. This Thursday, October 6th, between 2–6 PM UTC a Live Auction will take place on Magic Eden for these super exclusive, limited edition AC Milan Retro Monkey NFTs. The 16 are composed of 4 sets of MonkeyPlayer NFTs that celebrate a couple of AC Milan’s epic teams in history — the 1993/94 and 1995/96 seasons! Yesterday, we highlighted the first 7 sporting the 93/94 Home kits.

Today, we meet 2 tiers of epic MonkeyPlayer NFTs from AC Milan’s 1995/96 season, wearing the Away and Third kits.

AC Milan’s 1995–96 season was a legendary one. That year AC Milan had built their team back up and came into the season strong, with a title race that was neck-and-neck until the end where they won the Serie A!

1995/96 AC Milan Away:

Initial Bid: 30 SOL

1995/96 AC Milan Third:

Initial Bid: 60 SOL

Filippo — Max Position & Score: Midfielder | 104.27

Marco — Max Position & Score: Defender | 104.21

Stefano — Max Position & Score: Striker | 104.23

We saved the baddest AC Milan Retro NFT for last! Stay tuned for the next post on the final AC Milan Monkey NFT!

Much MonkeyLove

Oren Langberg

Head of Marketing & Partnerships

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