Partnership with OLA GG to Boost MonkeyLeague’s Player Ecosystem

After the announcements of partnerships with Yield Guild Games, UniX, and Polemos Gaming Guild we are excited to announce our partnership with Ola GG !

As discussed before, partnerships are a cornerstone of the crypto world. For game studios, partnerships with gaming guilds are a strategic necessity. Having a variety of active guilds as partners not only injects a diverse range of competent, highly engaged people into the game ecosystem, but it also offers a big boost and long-term stability to the game economy!

What is a Gaming Guild?

Simply put, a gaming guild is a group of hardcore gamers that come together and form a team or collaboration with each other — almost like a union.

Why is Ola GG influential?

Ola GG is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization for Latin America, and a Sub-DAO of YGG (Yield Guild Games) founded by spanish-speaking lifelong gamers that see in the current play-to-earn space a huge opportunity. With thousands of members and counting, their focus is on educating and providing the economic freedom their members deserve.

OLA is able to bring financial inclusion to the Hispanic Market by building an all-inclusive virtual economy where the members are empowered to make a sustainable living and drastically improve their quality of life, with access to Web3 and Play-To-Earn games. The hispanic speaking community is one of the biggest in the world and one of the largest soccer loving communities, so we couldn’t be more excited to have them on board for this huge gaming revolution!

“MonkeyLeague is exactly what the Hispanic market wants in a web3 game — an exciting, high quality, football game where they can play AND earn! We are beyond excited to be Pioneers in this journey with the MonkeyLeague team! — — Martin Blaquier, CEO at OLA Gaming Guild

To celebrate our partnership we will together host an AMA on Thursday, April 7th at 5 PM UTC. Stay tuned for more details!

That is all for today’s article. Stay tuned this week as this MonkeyTrain remains FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Much MonkeyLove

Carol Wurzmann

Marketing Manager

About MonkeyLeague:

MonkeyLeague is the next-gen web3 sports game that enables players to Play, Compete, and Earn.

MonkeyLeague combines high-production-value, multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based, play-and-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.

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