The MonkeyLeague Weekly Recap: March 25th

From yet another week of Community Learn & Earn and AMA with Crypto Coins Coach to a new episode of the MonkeyTalks Live with the Head of 3D art, Itay Schlesinger, a Team Spotlight on Lead 3D Animator, Omer Goldlust, and of course more MonkeyLeague Gameplay Moves, this has been another action packed week at the Monkey headquarters.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the last week:

Sunday, March 20th :

Learn & Earn Week 3 Results:

Like always, we started the week on Sunday with the results of the third weekly community Learn & Earn activity! Hosted every Friday-Sunday from 9 AM to 9 AM UTC in our Discord.

If you haven’t been a part of the activity yet don’t worry, you still have time!

On Sunday we also had the opportunity to participate in a Live voice AMA with no one other than Crypto Coins Coach where we discussed MonkeyLeague’s past, present, and future.

If you missed or want a recap of the AMA, check it:

Monday, March 21th:

On Monday the 21st, we kept the MonkeyTalks Live going! This week, we had the awesome opportunity of speaking with the talented Itay Schlesinger, the Head of 3D Art at MonkeyLeague.

Itay gave us some behind-the-scenes on how the process of 3D animation works, including the animations of the game, rigging of the characters, the importance of textures, lighting, shading, and rendering! He also dove into his creative process from beginning to end!

If you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, here’s the full video :

Thursday, March 24th :

Thursday was a busy day at MonkeyLeague central, we keep the ball running with our Team Spotlights; this week we got the chance to get to know the Lead 3D Animator, Omer Goldlust, from his vast decade of experience in 3D animation to some of his favorite hobbies outside the office!

Every week you will get to know another member of the MonkeyLeague team.

Don’t miss the next episode of MonkeyTalks Live with Omer on Monday, March 28th at 4 PM UTC — streaming live from our Youtube!

Check out the Team Spotlight on Omer!

Friday, March 25th:

Learn & Earn #4:

Today, Friday the 25th, we kept the weekly community activity Learn & Earn going, an amazing chance for MonkeyFans that know MonkeyLeague like the back of their hands to start earning some MonkeyBucks $MBS!

March Madness Gameplay Moves from this Past Week:

That’s all for this week MonkeyFans! Stay tuned for another wild week coming up!

Much MonkeyLove

Carol Wurzmann

Marketing Manager

About MonkeyLeague:

MonkeyLeague is the next-gen esports game on the metaverse that enables players to Play, Compete, and Earn.

MonkeyLeague combines high-production-value, multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based, play-and-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.

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Check out the MonkeyLeague Game Trailer!



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