• FamousGrey



  • Jean Verschure

    Jean Verschure

    Entrepreneur passionate about internet and new tech #Internet, #marketing, #entrepreneurship, #health, #art, #digital, #politics, #liberty

  • Maxime Fouquette

    Maxime Fouquette

    Knowledge is key.

  • Amandine Gauthier

    Amandine Gauthier

  • Aleksandra Logist

    Aleksandra Logist

  • Russell Pearson

    Russell Pearson

    #socbiz + Unified Comms. Of Things I Like, Literature, Art, Photography, Philosophy, Wine, Politics, Bicycles, Music & Muses; feature highly.

  • Steph Golik

    Steph Golik

    Co-founder at Huddle. Prev Product Design at Cruise, Head of Product & UX at Mapfit (acq by Foursquare). Miami-native.

  • Sajid Saiyed

    Sajid Saiyed

    UX leader @ Google. Passionate about leading & mentoring teams that design and ship game changing products that delight the users.

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