Campaigns: Role of Influencer Marketing, Storytelling & More

When ideas take physical form, they have tangible value. People can see, feel and judge an idea.

Such ideas can be transformed into experience through meaningful campaigns. For example, we can raise awareness against eve-teasing; while elaborating the role men could play to eliminate harassment. Suppose, the idea is something as simple as to communicate, that real men step forward.

We could start by defining who a “real man” is and how any person could transform into a real man just by taking small steps. Here’s a campaign on “Real Men” going live from WebAble:

Phase 1: Define the “#RealMen”

Include people’s opinion on who the real men are.

Phase 2: Storytelling for the #RealMen

Curate contents around acts of real men to set examples from real life. We’ll crawl the internet to find powerful stories which will inspire and engage audience.

Phase 3: Get endorsements from influencers to support #RealMen

A real man is not flawless. He may not be best at everything, but regardless, he is able to lead towards the greater good and that is what sets a real man apart from most others. Thus, with help from influencers, we communicate the idea that heroes reside within us.

Baby steps first. This was a small example of how a basic campaign idea can be transformed into an engaging experience for your target audience. Keep ideas humane, please. We could give shape to the idea of a real man by starting with something simple, like a person helping an elderly cross the road. Never underestimate the value of little things in life; they make a huge difference in every day lives. The difference between taking an action due to mere obligation or because you care an awful lot, can sometimes be that one extra statement; that tiny attention to detail which can set you apart!

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