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Hi, I hope youre okay. That’s it, I just released my 100th album which contains the 1000th title I have put online since I started my musical production. It was cool, I learned a lot of stuff about music, composition, recording, instruments, my way of creating and my relationship to music and its creation have evolved a lot in proportion to the productions and anxieties connected with this activity.

I started publishing music on March 16, 2011, solo, my first recordings date back a few years before, in the U-Man improvisation duo and with a rock / folk band called Black Sheep. It was cool, and I still remember when I released my first album. I knew it was not top quality, it didn’t sound like the artists I used to listen to, a point that really frustrated me for several years and I think I have since discarded. I released a second solo album a year later, on March 16, 2012 and an EP with the group Nobody Opposed The Project and then another EP challenge to record 5 tracks in two days. It was a hell of a challenge. I did not really master the production tools I used, nor did I have the same composition tools as now (creative path, instruments, references). Although I wasn’t very pleased with the result of the two previous albums and EPs, it was really only at the release of the third album on March 16, 2013 that I really felt I could do things pretty good in music. It had been a while since I was making music in an amateur way and I had quite a few doubts as to what I was putting online. Everything I published was weighed thoroughly, I was really afraid of being ridiculous, of publishing things of bad sound qualities that would sweep away my words. Sometimes I have been hurtful about feedbacks on my work, but other messages have reassured and encouraged me in this direction. The shape really distressed me for a long time, and it was a big obstacle to my productivity but also gave me impulses of interest to the production. …

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Welcome to this new article about Utility Music. If the appellation does not tell you anything, you have already heard some utilitarian music.

Utility music can be defined as music for something. It will apply itself to a context, an object. This concerns music for ambiant, composed music for children’s toys, jingles, music created for video etc …

So it overlaps a lot of music and situations, many of which I will not be able to analyse precisely, but we will try to make a good view of the subject anyway. Today we are going to talk about Gebrauchsmusik, Muzak, Easy listening, soundtrack, free music, American dreams, vaporwave and the ghost of the machine. …

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album cover of Deep Nausea of Rooksfeather

(traduction française plus bas, cherchez “français”)

Hello !

Today Iwant to talk about one of the best thing I’ve heard for a long time.

Before talking about one of her album, I’ll talk about how I’ve found it. If you’re not interested by that, please jump the two next paragraph.

When I was doing some research about the incredible music genre of alt country and gothic americana, I’ve found two videogames. Naturally, the first one I’ve found in my result is Kentucky Route Zero, a fabulous independant point and click, the heavy ambiant, where I’ve experienced one of my best listen of music in a videogame. The game is still under construction, the last chapter will be released current 2017. The second videogame I’ve found in my research is a game exclusively available as a demo for the moment named Fallow, realised by one independant person named Rooksfeather. …



Musician/Writer/Pixel Drawer, releasing stuff under Creative Commons 0. About 100 albums released on https://chezmonplaisir.bandcamp.com/ (eng/fr) (They/Them)

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