Norwegian Hospital Aims To Reduce Hospital Readmissions Of Bipolar Patients

Copenhagen, Denmark — 15 November 2016. Monsenso announced today that the Norwegian hospital, Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus, will begin a pilot study with the Monsenso mHealth solution. Lovisenberg was signed up as a customer by Computas, Monsenso’s partner in Norway.

The pilot study, which will include patients suffering from bipolar disorder, aims to reduce hospital readmissions by using the Monsenso mHealth solution to intervene at an early stage.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso, said that Lovisenberg would conduct a twelve-month pilot study to determine if the solution should be widely implemented with other mental illnesses.

“Lovisenberg is committed to finding innovative solutions that help them provide better care to their patients in a more cost-efficient way. With the implementation of the Monsenso mHealth solution, a patient’s historical, aggregated data will be available more easily,” Mr Lethenborg added.

Kim Petersen, Executive Director at Computas AS, said “We are thrilled to have signed up our first customer with Monsenso. This type of technology gives new opportunities for the integration of mobile health into the existing mental health services in Norway; and I am confident that once clinicians start experiencing the clinical and financial benefits of implementing the solution, we will sign up more customers in no time!”

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