Monsenso enables healthcare providers and carers to access patient information through a smartphone app

Copenhagen, Denmark — 15 March 2016. Monsenso ApS, an innovation leader in mobile health (mHealth) solutions for mental health, announced today the development of a triple-loop solution to support the treatment of 1,000 patients suffering from schizophrenia.

The mHealth solution, designed and developed by Monsenso, will provide healthcare professionals and family caregivers with access to the patient’s information.

Patients will be encouraged by their care providers to download the Monsenso smartphone app that will allow them to invite their care providers and family caregivers to access their data.

The smartphone app will be used to fill in routine self-assessments that reveal their current state of mind, and to collect sensor data. It can also be used as a self-management tool that allows patients to manage their symptoms and the behaviours that trigger those symptoms.

Once invited by the patient, a family caregiver will be able to use a similar app to access the patient’s aggregated data and fill in the routine assessments evaluating the patient’s state of mind.

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About Monsenso
Monsenso is an innovative technology company offering an mHealth solution to help optimize the treatment of mental disorders. Our mission is to help healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals overcome the burden of mental illness. Our solution provides a detailed overview of a patient’s mental health through the collection of behavioural data and self-monitoring. Based on continued research and development, our team is committed to developing comprehensive solutions that fit seamlessly into the lives of individuals, increasing the quality and efficacy of their treatment. To learn more visit