Ready, Set, Get Your Dental Supplies Organized with Tip Out Bins

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Simplastics Dental Tip Out Bins Full of Supplies

This step-by-step guide is brought to you by the wonderful folks at Zen Supplies:

1-Let’s get started.

One of the hardest questions asked in any field of work is, “Are we truly willing to get organized?” If the answer is yes two results must follow.

1-Major cleaning needs to happen. Grab that old stuff no one uses, but keeps around anyway and get rid of it.

2-Remove most of the products from treatment rooms and free the workspace from clutter.

My approach to solving this problem is not to gradually transition into an organized office, but to make the decision and commit to the change immediately and fully. There is no reason to say, “Let’s try it out.” Organization and storage systems are not something that can be done half way and be successful. Change needs to occur.

Different types of organizational systems available, such are, shelves that can be built and installed, shopping at the container store, or purchase tip out bins from Tip out bins require an investment and will provide an increase in efficiency and solve many inventory problems. Around 95% of offices share the common issues of running out of products, having expired products, or ordering too much product. How simple the solutions to those problems are with these organizing systems.

Now the decision is made and yes, the office is ready to get organized. How exciting and scary! Do not get overwhelmed. I highly recommend purchasing tip out bins from Many of the references in this article will be made to their products as I illustrate how they are utilized in the dental industry. In addition, their team has agreed to provide major discounts to all customers of Zen Supplies, which we lovingly refer to as Zenners!


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