MonsterBud Sessions: A Community Interview with RDB Car Club

This week’s Bud Session features Devin Alexander (@itsilovetrees) and Mano Yeghikain of RDB LA and RDB Car Club (@rdbcarclub). RDB Car Club is bringing the HEAT and dropping alpha in this week’s AMA hosted by budtender Pingouse.

Interviewer = Pingouse

D = Devin

M = Mano

Buds, please welcome Devin and Mano who are from the RDB Car Club and RDB LA.

D: Thank you man, happy to be here.

M: Thank you, thank you.

We typically start these interviews by asking some questions about who you are, how you’ve made it to crypto, and just a little more background to the story there. We’ll start with you, Devin.

D: Yeah definitely. So first of all, good to meet y’all. My name is Devin Alexander from California. I’m from the Bay Area originally. My roots are actually in your world, in the cannabis field. I started a company back in 2016 called I Love Trees doing licensed distribution, wholesale distribution, and then pivoted into creating a brand and contract fulfillment, as well as white-labeling for other cannabis companies. We’ve worked with everyone from Seven Leaves to Packwoods to Weedmaps.

In 2017, we started doing cannabis events. We’re the first people to do mansion-style events with half-pound 24karat gold joints, all-you-can-dab dab bars, and all-you-can-eat edibles. People paid for entry and once you got in everything was free. We got a lot of traction with that stuff, Forbes articles, celebrities that were attending, and we partnered with Kevin Garnett, the NBA legend. We’re producing a documentary and a cannabis line in his likeness, powered by I Love Trees. So that’s really where I got some of my first high-level success in cannabis. I started buying coins and doing day trading on Binance back in 2016. Fast forward to where we are now, I offered a lot of press and media services for cannabis companies so I had to figure out a way to get myself out there, and once I did that, I realized the opportunity in helping people do the same.

Fast forward to when crypto and NFTs blew up, more so NFTs, so I started to offer the same services for the NFT space. I worked early on with the Wicked Bone Club, Digital Da Vinci, quite a few collections that did very well. Mano has always been a great friend of mine. I originally met them as a fan. I took my Maybach to get wheels. I was one of the first people with RDB signature wheels. They did these Rolls-Royce floating caps with my I Love Trees company logo in the center cap instead of anything else. They blew it out of the water. Since then, Mano and I have been doing various business endeavors and we got the idea to produce a play-to-earn video game and a collection based on RDB LA, which he and his business partners built. It is arguably the biggest in the world, as far as luxury custom car modifications, and yeah, here we are.

Man, that’s a pretty cool story. It sounds like you’ve been around in this space for a while and had some good experiences with NFTs.

D: Yeah definitely. I minted quite a few Cool Cats, quite a few Cryptoadz, and quite a few Lazy Lions. I think like 35 Lazy Lions actually. So I had a lot of success early on, but ever since developing, I’m sure you can relate Ping, it’s sort of a very cumbersome experience just with the learning curve and all the new things that there are in this industry and how fast it changes. So I haven’t even been minting anything lately. I’ve just been focused on making RDB a success and getting this collection and play-to-earn game out and making it as big and eye-level as it can be.

Yeah, those are some pretty good collections to be in and Lazy Lions, for me, are so active on Twitter. If there’s ever any shill post out there and a Lion is posting on it, then the Lions have the most likes by a long way.

D: Oh yeah dude, they do a great job Twitter raiding. They actually are kind of pioneering that space and it’s one of the collections that people should follow. They do such a good job of getting their community rallied up and moving toward a common goal. And that is how you make anything move, especially these NFT projects that are given their value by their holders.

I hear that. I’m a Chelsea fan and the mascot of Chelsea is a lion. The mascot of my university was a lion. And so, there is a Lazy Lion with a blue top kind of like Chelsea. So I’ve had my eye on that one for a while and I’ll probably have to join their club and pull the trigger sometime soon. I’ll let you know if I do.

D: The floor is pretty low right now compared to what it was a couple of months ago.

Yeah I know I was looking at it at around 2 eth, but just thought no I can’t do that, I’m just going to wait. But now I might just have to go sniping after this. Mano what about you? You there?

M: Yeah man.

So similar question to you. Tell us a little about your background and it’d be great for us to understand what RDB LA is in the real world. I know we spend a lot of time talking about the metaverse here and nonreal stuff, but it seems pretty cool.

M: Yeah so I’ve been in the car industry ever since I knew what a car was. RDB LA has been open for business for about forty years, before I was born. We deal with all the celebrities now in Los Angeles. We customize their cars and we repair them. We’ve grown extremely well into the car industry and we’ve been customizing cars for a very long time from Bugattis to Lambos to Ferraris for everybody in LA and worldwide. We ship cars worldwide and we customize them.

We have a huge YouTube following and we have great fans and supporters, so it’s time to expand to another field and everybody has been telling me you should get into NFTs, and you know we just haven’t had time because we’re so stuck in our company and building it. We’re all about our reputation. We’ve all certified employees to work on exotic cars. So now we are expanding to the metaverse, NFTs, and working on this play-to-earn video game. It’s very exciting for us and I’m excited for everyone to be a part of this as well.

Yeah, mate. Some of the things that I’ve been noticing and happening more frequently are really well-established companies and businesses in the real world and coming in and staking a claim in the metaverse. We’ve seen it with Adidas and there are countless examples of that. It’s really interesting to see what will happen with really well-established and successful businesses when they come in. So one of the interesting things I found with Adidas is that they’ve spent six or 7 months staking out what they were going to do before they announced anything and made any big decisions. So how was it for you when people were asking you to get into the NFT space? How was that transition? Was it very quick or was it something that’s taken a long time? Talk us through that.

M: Well, most of my clients already have really cool-looking cars and it’s a very easy sale at that point when my customers want their car built into a video game. My clients are gamers too. They’re successful people that just sit at home and think about what to do with their cars. They give us the idea and we bring it to reality. So it’s kind of capped out of people building these cars and now they want to see it in a video game because everything is going digital and I don’t know if you have heard this but Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are doing an NFT. They are smart at what they do and we actually thought about this idea before them, but they are just massive when it comes to advertising. They have a very huge budget. We also have a budget and we’ve been using the money that we made off RDB into that budget. That’s why we’re so strong when it comes to RDB. We’re almost at one million subscribers and one million followers on Instagram.

So it was easy to go towards this field because a lot of people are asking for it as well. It’s not just you know, we come up with a concept and pay a celebrity to make it big and have people jump on it to make a big scene. RDB is more about our reputation. We like to keep our reputation strong and we don’t need to ask these celebrities to post for us because they’ll do it themselves because it’s their car that we’re making.

D: Especially once we make a quality project. Sorry to cut you off, Mano.

M: It’s okay. Yeah, the quality is going to speak for itself. I don’t want to sit there and say oh we’re going to do this and that. Yeah, I’ll tell you guys a little bit about what we’re doing, but it’s so much more than that. It’s not only virtual, it’s a club that we’re building that is going to link to so many other things that my fans, my followers are waiting for. We haven’t done anything like this before. So we’ve never done another project other than shoes, clothes, and now that we’re expanding to this it’s a pretty huge step for us to take and we have a large following of sixteen thousand discord members. We haven’t done any advertising yet. We have Chris Brown coming. We have Usher coming. We have a couple of other big celebrities coming in here and once they see what we’re doing then they’re going to want to be a part of it. It’s not going to be a paid advertisement like most of these projects have been doing lately. They just pay and they say please repeat these lines and they say it. All these other people follow it and they believe in it. Those are the people that get screwed. We don’t want to do that because our name is tied into this project and we want to keep our reputation as strong as we can like we’ve been doing for thirty years already.

We’ve been doing this since before any type of social media. We were just word of mouth at one point. Now it’s more like so many other people that are paying to get to where they are. We don’t have to do that. People pay us to get to the place where we are at and we don’t take those. We don’t really take money for advertisements. We just do what we do and show the world that this is where you need to be. Not just for spending money, but to see what’s out there.

D: At the end of the day RDB built a global following and they have a very strong reputation. Doing twenty-five, fifty million dollars annually is not easy. It’s not anything out of the ordinary and hasn’t been for decades. This project for us is about creating something that can connect the world globally. So RDB isn’t limited to connecting with their fans in the Los Angeles area and also creating a long-term project that can exist and continue to be developed and added to and always be a part of the RDB franchise.

Sounds to me like you, specifically Mano, that it’s been an organic transition from the IRL business into this space. Not just because of the high profile names of the guys you’re involved with but also you mentioned quite a few of them are gamers and stuff. That must make things a little bit easier when it comes to convincing people about this NFT project when many people are still not understanding it.

M: There are so many hints that people give whenever we post a YouTube video and some of the YouTube videos that I post. Lots of people hashtag GTA under a lot of those videos. All these little hints that I was reading but didn’t pay attention to it because I was so stuck in what I was doing. Which was quality control and making sure the clients are happy. That’s all we care about is making sure everyone is satisfied and happy. We don’t like any negativity. Negativity stops when it comes our way. But yeah, on every video there are always a few comments about how there should be a video game. So now it’s something that we are going into and whoever is in here with us early on is going to be rewarded. We have a lot to offer and people have a lot to give us. People really believe in RDB. It’s something really cool that we’re starting. Very very exciting.

I actually started to do this thing where we wait for people to come in and I’ll play a song through here that’s kind of like in the spirit of who is coming to speak. I quickly chose the GTA San Andreas soundtrack. I’m glad that worked out well.

M: There you go, man.

D: Very intuitive of you Ping.

Appreciate that. Alright cool, so it’s been good to hear about your backgrounds and we’ve talked a little about the game. Talk us through the FAQs, roadmap, and website. There’s quite a lot of information there from the in-game utility and real-world utility. Talk us through it all.

D: Definitely. The collection is going to be a 10,000 piece collection. We are very different from any other automotive collection in the sense that our video game is developed in Unreal Engine 5. We’ve created the systems to customize your cars everything from headlight color, window tint color, rims, tires, suspension height, type of suspension, etc. We created all the metadata and the rarity percentages to essentially give that car creator a script to create these cars. Now there’s logic that’s coded in that’s essentially saying okay if the car is red and the rims are red, then the window tint cannot be green. The collection as a whole is generated in-game and then spat out in a .gtlf file. So we’re very very different in that regard. From the beginning, the NFTs were built to be loaded seamlessly into the game.

We have first-person, third-person, and VR compatibility out of the gate. As well as cross-platform. You can play it on PC, or you can play it on iOS or Android. Obviously, graphics are scaled for the mobile version but you can still play. Real-world utility, like Mano was saying, there’s much much more to this than just the NFT collection or the game. RDB Car Club is a physical club. At any given point RDB has ten to fifteen million dollars of beautiful exotic cars from Paganis to Bugattis to Lambos all over the shop that are getting work done to them. It’s a sick vibe. You’ll see some of the photos of the shop if you check out RDB LA’s Instagram. It’s a warehouse-style or almost looks like an airplane hangar. They have two stack-high racks where you have a Bugatti on top of a Lamborghini next to a Urus.

So we're going to be throwing events for holders inside that space. It will be exclusive to NFT holders to this part of the club. We’ll have music appearances. We’ll have DJs. We’ll have meet and greets for the NFT members and the club members to network amongst each other. We’ll be there, obviously, creating sick vibes for people that they won’t get in other projects, as well as a running ten percent discount on all things RDB. Whether you wanted a pair of rims or a car wrapped. All NFT holders will enjoy a ten percent discount brand-wide, which is huge, considering people are already spending four, five, or six hundred thousand to modify their Bugatti or whatever they are getting done. In any case, who doesn’t like a discount especially when you’re spending money with a brand that’s nationally recognized to be the best. We’re looking to do a lot more than just create an impact virtually. Are you familiar with Matterporting Ping?

I am not.

D: So what a Matterport scan is, it’s essentially a 3D scan that will pull all the geometry data from a space so you can move it into a video game or a virtual representation of that space, but it’s accurate to the millimeter. So we had a Matterport scan done of the shop so there’s a virtual RDB and that’s where these people are going to drive their car in and customize their car virtually the same way that someone would bring their car in the real world and customize it. Those events that happen in the real world will also happen virtually. People will be able to attend and see what’s going on in the physical event by attending the VR event. There will be other functions and utility to keep them entertained because obviously attending in a different way.

That’s awesome. I was just going to ask you, I know I’ll have a Lambo someday, but I’ve got a Volkswagen Golf. So have you got parts for cars like mine or is it all exotic?

D: In the real world?

Yeah in real life.

D: Every single type of car you can work on gets worked on. I’ll let Mano touch on that. He’s the expert.

M: So whenever we talk about how we have Ferraris and Bugattis, we also do regular cars as well. We work with insurance companies. We have contracts with insurance companies. So yeah, we have regular cars as well. It’s not just exotics. We have Volkswagens, Toyotas, almost any make and model. We’ve done motorcycles and golf carts.

D: Jet skis. Gold jet skis

M: Yeah we do gold jet skis. We had a customer the other day with a Bentley and he wanted something different. He asked me, “how can we make my jet ski like my Bentley?” I said we could wrap it the same color. The customer asked if it was waterproof and I said yeah yeah of course. You can ride around in the water. We’ll put a complete lamination on the wrap so whenever the saltwater or whatever hits it, it won’t damage it. You can ride around anywhere. We did it and he was happy with it. So, now we have seven jet skis. Once we announced the NFT project, they started asking “Are we going to have jet skis as an NFT?” I’m like no. We’re not going to have a jet ski as an NFT. That’s a whole other game.

D: That’s a different game.

I was just thinking that too.

M: We’re not trying to scuba dive here. Not yet, but you never know. You never know where this RDB Car Club can go because when I started RDB it was, well I’ll give you a little bit of background on where I started RDB. I was actually born and raised in LA. My dad and I used to paint cars on the street, like on the floor. A long time ago, air quality management wasn’t the same as it is now. So you could just paint your car outside in the middle of the street. It was cool, but it was disgusting at the same time. You could see paint flying everywhere and nobody cared, but that’s what we were doing. We were painting cars in the middle of the street on one of the most popular streets of Los Angeles. My dad and I would be on the floor of Sunset Boulevard painting a car and some car would just drive by and bring dust. We’d be like “Damn, we have to paint it again.” We started off on the ground literally. So as to what I see as RDB today and where I was before, who knows what if we’ll be doing Helicopter NFTs by the time we’re done with what we’re doing here. So it’s just massive. I didn’t believe we’d be at this position today. So who knows where RDB Car Club can go tomorrow.

That’s awesome. I always like hearing those stories of how things get started. It always starts somewhere and those are typically the most interesting parts of the whole story. So, I think we touched on the game a little bit, we touched on RDB in real life, and a little bit about how that transitioned to the metaverse. A lot of us here are super excited about the game itself. When I first started researching you guys. I definitely got Need for Speed vibes but like the Web3 version. What can you tell us about the game itself?

D: So the game itself is going to be play-to-earn. We have multiple elements. There’s the open world, in which you can drive around and interact with other car club members. You can hang out, you can loiter, you can go crash your car, or do whatever you want. There’s going to be load-in racing. The racing is going to be the play-to-earn element of the game, or one of them. Players will race each other for ETH, which will be sent to their wallets upon completion of the race instantly. Once players are fifteen races in or excuse me, have won fifteen races. We wanted to create a barrier so that people aren’t just coming in and losing all their money, but once you win fifteen races you’ll be able to enter into a bracket to race for pink slips. This is going to be totally new. When you beat the other player, their NFT is transferred to your wallet.

That’s crazy.

D: The traditional “race for pinks” in the real world is being brought to the metaverse. This isn’t for everybody. This is for the people who play, they win, and they’re confident in their ability to take someone’s NFT. We like the competition. Competitiveness is what drives the car world. People are always competing like, “My car’s faster, My car looks better,” so we want to bring that same energy into the collection and allow people to compete high-level without a ding on their record. So that’s a pretty interesting and exciting element. You can take a lump sum if you win someone’s legendary car.

RDB specializes in collision repair. One of the hashtags that they made famous was #wecanfixit for some of the messiest situations. So another thing we’re working on is the RDB tokens. Initially, it’s going to be used as in-game currency. All RDB NFT holders are going to be airdropped tokens bi-weekly, so twice a month. It’ll cost tokens to race. It will also cost tokens to repair your car. You only retain damage from driving around in the open world and when you load into a race, you will have the option to repair your car before the race, but if you don’t the physics of the car are actually affected by the damage. So if you have right front suspension damage, your car is going to lean. We’re bringing all those real elements into the game. Obviously, when you race or repair your car, the coins are burned.

Also, in the open world, you’re going to have to get gas. There’s going to be a gas station element and the gas stations are going to be separate NFTs that can be owned by players as well. Half of the tokens used to purchase gas are burned and the other half goes to the gas station owner. It’s a real way for people to earn income, aside from racing, you can own chunks of the game and earn that way as well. Which is very exciting.

That’s crazy cool. I like all of those components. From a game standpoint, it sounds like it’s got everything there. When you talked about the pink slips, I was actually just about to ask if you had thought about that. That’s really really cool. Making a game isn’t easy. A lot of projects talk about making a game. We know it’s not easy and it’s a lot of hard work that goes into making it. Where did you guys find inspiration? Is that from games that you’ve played before? Is it a completely new idea? How did that come about?

D: Just the natural progression of building a collection for a company like RDB. It’s a very prestigious company that builds some of the fastest and beautiful cars on the planet. We want to see these cars in action and how we can put them together so we have some real utility. As an NFT investor and collector, I only look for real utility. I don’t really get into the hype or the fad or the celebrity-driven NFT. They might be good pumps and dumps, but I’m more of a holder. I like to be a part of things that I’m purchasing and NFT collections that I’m joining. So naturally, when you’re creating, you’re going to bring the same elements that you look for as a collector and investor. Our developer, he’s worked on games like God of War. He’s one of the best in the world at Unreal Engine development and we picked him specifically because of his experience and expertise.

A lot of people are coming into things and spending their money on celebrities to make sure they sell out. We’re kind of having faith in the community and the world that we’re going to sell out. We’re putting our money into an all-star team that can build a game that can stand up to Forza and that can stand up to GTA. It’s really about the quality of the project and the game and the collection, way more so than the marketing or any of that. We believe that if you build a good project and then the people come to it. You don’t try to get people to it while you build it and then have them fund it. No, we brought our own money into this. We came into this with a multiple six-figure budget to build something that can stand the test of time. Something that has the quality and integrity and is able to stand side by side with the brand RDB and belong there.

M: The way we built RDB LA is we started off very small. I’m pretty sure I talked about how small already, but it’s more that we believed in what we were doing and gave our supporters a chance to speak on it. So we took their advice as well, we didn’t say, “F*ck what you guys think, we know best.” We took their advice and changed it. So when we started wrapping cars, there were other companies wrapping cars but we took that example and changed it up a bit. We kind of moved with our people. Our fanbase is very very strong and dedicated to what we do. So whenever they were talking about a video game, I took that idea, and now we’re taking the time to master every step because we have to keep our reputation super strong. We don’t accept failure. We don’t accept anything like, “Oh, this could’ve been done a little better.” We won’t launch it. We won’t show the world until we are happy with it and we’re picky. So that’s where the whole video game idea came. It’s all these Instagram, YouTube, emails saying you guys need to start a game because there are people waiting all around the world. We know this is going to be a great success for everybody. This is a chance to make money, have fun, and be part of the club. Not only in a video game, but in the real world, as Devin said, we’re going to have car meets. With this video game, fans from all around the world have the opportunity to visit this shop and feel they are a part of RDB LA. That is why we are building this NFT/video game.

That’s awesome. I’m just wary that we’ve got international listeners. So when you say, “wrap a car,” what do you mean by that?

M: So when you wrap a car, it’s basically a color film that goes on top of the car and it changes to whatever color you like. From chrome to blue to green to orange, to any color you want. You can even design it. For example, you can put Nike signs and you can put your company on them. It’s kind of like a Christmas gift where you wrap the box, but it’s more detailed than that. It’s semi-permanent. If you leave it under the sun for too long the wrap will fade away, but it’s very easy to replace. Back in the day, it was all about painting. You had to strip the car and then paint it. We thought more deeply into it in ways we could customize the car without devaluing the vehicle. When you paint a car that’s factory, the value of the car changes. You may not know it but we know it. So we have to tell you, “don’t paint it, because the value of the car is not going to be worth the same anymore.” The VIN number on there shows what color the car actually is. So when you type that on this program we use that’s called Vast, it shows a detailed description of the car’s specs when it left the factory. So when that changes it actually loses value. So we don’t want to do that. We just want to do the wrapping concept where you keep your value and it actually protects the paint. There are so many things around it. I can go on for days explaining why wrapping is better than paint, but it’ll be gibberish at that point.

So talking of wraps, I teased it in my announcement to everybody that we were going to do a custom MonsterBuds x RDB car. We haven’t really talked about what that will look like and how it will be wrapped. I thought maybe we could leak a few details to the bud fam in here right now.

M: Yeah definitely. We talked about the idea. You can go ahead and explain. I like the idea you said.

D: Okay, so obviously there are a couple of ways we wanted to approach this. First was letting the community vote on which Bud that we would feature on an all-over print. I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with the brand Bape or Billionaire Boys Club, but essentially we’ll be doing an all-over print of one of the more famous Buds or a collage of multiple of the famous Buds with the MonsterBuds logo smack on the hood creating negative space in that all-over print. Then we’ll have some smoke permanently coming out of the windows and that car is going to be a hotbox. MonsterBuds hotbox. That’s going to have to be the metadata name for that.

That’s awesome. I feel like it’ll be really funny to all of us, but everyone else is going to think that car’s got problems.

D: I think that a cool element to this is that, we’re leaking this to you guys on this AMA, hold up, I’m going to stop to say anyone who is joining the RDB Car Club server that’s not whitelisted already can shoot me or Mano a message, anyone that’s here listening to this is automatically guaranteed a whitelist spot. We really appreciate the support you guys show by hopping into the community early on. So I just wanted to say thanks. But yeah, the MonsterBuds car is going to be dope. We haven’t really even told this to the RDB community, but we’re going to be doing an Easter egg drop to .1 to .01% of cars. So a very small percentage of the basic cars, I’m talking classic tier, which is the lowest tier, are going to be given the sleeper trait. What that means is the car is not going to look anything special, but it’s going to be a Lambo killer. It’s going to be given upgrades and that’s going to be randomly done after mint.

M: Yeah you don’t want to race for pink slips with that guy.

D: Oh no, definitely not. Another cool element that we haven’t really gotten into yet with you guys is when you’re in-game and you’re driving around the open world, you will be able to pull up next to an NFT that you see on the street and hit the spacebar, which is going to honk your horn. That will challenge that racer to a race. If they accept, you guys are loaded in and the race will commence. Pretty cool you guys can literally pull up on someone like you do in the real world on the freeway or on a long straight. You know and actually challenge these cars to a race. It won’t be all just matchmaking and random. You’ll be able to challenge the cars that you see.

M: Don’t do that in real life guys. Do not do that in real life. Keep it for the game.

D: Disclaimers.

M: Just in case.

My first car was a Ford. I used to do that in my Ford thinking I was all big when I was seventeen years old.

M: My first car was a Volkswagen Golf.

D: Mine was a ’93 Honda Civic DX.

M: Baller.


D: That thing was really rare man. I made some money and traded that for a Nissan 240sx and then did the soviet conversions. Then, I started getting nicer cars from there.

Awesome. So in your roadmap, it says at 75% sold there’s a huge announcement for utility and the video game. Is that sort of on top of what we’ve already discussed today?

D: Yeah that’s a little nugget that we’re saving for that point in the roadmap. That’s going to be sort of a surprise for people. That’s a major announcement about some of the in-game features. We’ve touched a little bit on it. Part of it is going to be the gas stations because we haven’t even put that out to the community 100%. We’re sort of rolling things out systematically and not in a rush to get the information to the community. We want people to digest what we’ve put out before we’re putting more on their plate. For us, it’s really about building the hype. So we’re using these things that we can systematically roll out and keep people excited and engaged and on board with this project.

M: And also before we announce anything we’re doing, we want to be sure we’re going to be the best at it. We’re not using any celebrities and asking them to post for us and bring the hype up. We’re actually doing it ourselves. So when we’re doing it ourselves, it has to be 100% before we announce it. Everything has to be 100% accurate.

D: Yeah we are testing everything so rigorously. It takes time. You’ve been a part of a collection. You understand what it takes to put these things together. We really like to take our time and thoroughly test things. So once we announce something and we tell you what it is and we tell our community that this is what’s happening. That’s exactly what happens and it exceeds expectations. We want to underpromise and overdeliver.

M: We actually posted a video of the game that’s super raw. We believe in this project so much that we want to put it out there. It doesn’t look that great now but we’re throwing it out there. We’re working on this and we’re working hard, so here’s some raw footage. It doesn’t look that good, but that’s a legendary car. That’s Chris Brown’s vehicle driving in a game. That’s never been done. Even if it’s raw, we’re working on it and getting it there. We’re so passionate about what we’re doing, that we picked Chris Brown’s car. He knows that it’s up there and we have the rights to it. He’s excited about it and he actually has that video on his phone right now. He’s super excited about that, but I don’t want him to post anything because that’s not the road we want to take. He might just do it out of love which I would appreciate, but we’re not trying to build hype through someone else’s life.

D: That’s how you rug pull your fans.

M: That’s how it becomes a pump and dump. We cannot have a pump and dump. It’s not allowed. We want to do everything we can to not make it that and keep giving and keep growing. We want the NFT to be the base of the RDB Car club. There are so many things around it that we’re planning and writing down and starting to head towards that. So many words but you guys get the point.

Yeah man got the vibe. I think that’s really important and professional. More and more projects are coming in trying to do the same stuff so it’s nice to hear differently from you guys.

M: Yeah, it’s getting older when you see these things coming in and then you see the next day and have to ask what happened? You don’t even hear from the guys anymore and those people are probably already making another project. Our names are stamped on this project. If you don’t know who RDB is, I suggest you google it and look at our company and what it’s done. We actually have a class that we teach other people to open up their own car shops. It’s called the Master Class. We talk to people that want to do car shops, wraps, or like a body shop. We help them do it. They pay a monthly fee for that. We’re so proud of what we’ve done that we are willing to help the world do things that we’ve done.

It’s surprising to me where we’ve reached just off our money. We have zero investors. We have not used a dollar from banks or personal people. It’s all our money put back into the business and growing it with our reputation with our customer service. That’s where this whole Car Club idea came from. If we can do all these things in the real world, what does it take to do something like an NFT collection? Just hard work. So that’s what we’re doing.

D: And the right team.

M: Oh absolutely. There’s no I in team.

D: Just agreeing with you brother. You are spot on.

We’ve only got seven minutes left and I have a few questions I really want to ask you. One of the questions is about connections with other blue-chips and it crossed my mind how you guys might do something more than just show off your car in the game, maybe like Sandbox or Decentraland.

D: As I said giving my introduction, I did a lot of press and media consulting for other collections early on. Collections like Wicked Ape Bone Club. Having some drivers in our game, we haven’t touched on this much, but drivers will be able to create their avatar the first time they log into the game. Now we’re using Unreal Engine, which allows you to load any existing 3D assets into the game seamlessly. We’re going to allow something like a MonsterBud to come in and be the driver permanently if we so deem.

That’s awesome and really cool.

D: Yeah just a lot of cross-collaboration and having some of our assets in their worlds and some of their assets in our world. Another person who we are going to be collaborating with, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Frank Wilder and the creator of Wilder World.

I’m not, but I’ve heard about it.

D: Super sick artist. I actually never touched on this in my introduction but, in between the mix between the cannabis journey and NFT journey, I also threw quite a few Art Basel events for artists. Frank Wilder was someone that I worked with early on. He used to do a lot of 3D printing totems and characters. When he pivoted into the NFT space, it’s obviously natural that we’re going to collaborate with him. He’s leading the open-world video game Defi space, by quite a bit. Elon Musk actually tweeted about his token, the $wild token. So yeah, just working with other projects that are making waves and creating real utility for their holders and innovating in the space. We’re adding Monsterbuds to that list. We expect you guys to be a leading blue-chip in the cannabis space as well. Obviously, my participation in Monsterbuds is going to be helping you guys achieve that.

We got a question on how the connection between Monsterbuds and RDB came to be. We don’t need the complete scoop but I’m sort of hearing that connection through Devin.

D: Yeah! Tumolo is a good friend. He brought me in, knowing my background in the cannabis space, to connect him with people like [redacted], [redacted], [redacted]. Just some people that are going to be doing some different events and stuff. [Redacted] and [redacted] passes for Bud holders. We’re organizing quite a bit of dope utility. Obviously, I’m building my own project along the way so it was only natural for us to collaborate and work together. The synergy is organic.

Well, um. I think the audience is going to be lucky to have had you on here Devin because we haven’t even told them some of that stuff.

D: Oh shit.

M: What did you do, Devin? What did you do?!

D: Hey guys don’t tell anyone, you’re going to get me in trouble.

M: C’mon man. They’re recording this dude. Hahaha, we are kidding. Devin is the man.

Yeah, it’s all good. So I’ve noticed as well you guys being featured in things like NASDAQ websites and a couple of other prominent news sources. Is that something that just comes around organically? Or how does that come about?

D: Yeah I think it’s a combination of the relationships that I have with certain editors from my past. I’ve been in everything from Forbes and Times to Yahoo Finance for cannabis endeavors and charity endeavors. I have a non-profit charity that feeds three thousand people in Los Angeles and does haircuts for the homeless. We have a rehabilitation program where we help people get into housing situations and job placement programs for the people that aren’t using drugs and rehabilitation centers for those that are. I have a lot of relationships with those editors through that. Seeing what I’m doing with RDB just naturally sparked interest because NFTs are such a hot topic.

I mean Devin it seems like you’ve got a lot of crazy life experience and seem like quite an interesting dude. The both of you sound really interesting. That’s really cool.

D: Hey man, our lives are dedicated towards building. We are creators. Whether we’re building businesses or helping other people better their lives, building NFTs or video games. It’s all the same. Leave no gas in the tank. No pun intended. Leave no Bud unsmoked. No pun intended. We squeeze every ounce of juice that we can out of this life and make sure we leave a lasting mark and legacy. I think that’s what anybody wants. We’re just making our attempt to do the best we can every day. That’s it.

M: Also, RDB has been in Forbes magazine. RDB has been in every social media platform ever. Everybody posts us and we don’t ask. They just do it because they want to show love. They know we’re good people. We’re good businessmen. It’s not new to us to be on NASDAQ and Yahoo Finance. It’s nothing new. People are just putting two and two together and understanding what this Car Club is going to be like. It’s big.

D: They’re seeing the vision. That’s the biggest thing.

M: It’s all out there. It’s the internet. It’s very easy to just look and google it. When people ask me questions about RDB and I don’t have time to answer because I’m in a meeting or something. I just say google it. Look up the company and look up what we’ve done and how many people we impact daily. With this NFT video game, it’s a no-brainer.

I hear that. I think you guys have a lot going for you, not only from a team perspective but also from your social interaction and bringing plans to be a part of something based around the love of cars and reaching out globally. You’re doing a great job and it’s really exciting.

D: Have you ever heard of Soho House?

I have a Soho House membership.

D: There it is. So you well know the benefits of being part of a club that’s exclusive, that’s built around a certain community, that excels in the one percent of that population. Now imagine there is that for the car world. It’s not only a social club. It’s networking and who you’ll be able to rub shoulders with by being a part of this community. So eventually we’ll have a physical space in Los Angeles, who knows if we’ll expand somewhere else, which will be a physical clubhouse outside of RDB’s business. It’ll have key cards, like key fob access where members can come and enjoy themselves and have a drink. Chill out, watch a game, a real clubhouse.

That’s awesome. I mean I do like my Soho House membership for that reason.

D: I don’t think I’ve closed more deals anywhere else.

I’ve been using it for the gym and hanging out with friends, but probably should be getting on that network.

D: I just take clients there. It’s a great place to sit and relax and go over some business without feeling rushed and be able to have your computer out. You can really have a good conversation in a neutral setting.

I haven’t been to the one in Malibu, is it? In LA?

D: No it’s over in Hollywood. Come down to LA man and we’ll do RDB and Soho House to make it a weekend. Maybe we’ll drive a Lambo for the weekend.

So we usually keep it to a hard out guys, even though I feel like there’s lots more to ask you. Like you said Devin, we’ll do something again soon. Maybe on Twitter and change up the interaction a little bit, but just wanted to say thanks so much for coming through, and personally stoked to mint one of the RDB Car Clubs. One thing. When is your mint? I know some things have changed a little bit so let’s tell the buds.

M: The mint will be sometime in January 2022. Sometime in that month.

D: We haven’t picked an exact day, nor do we want to announce it. There’s a lot of people that follow RDB and we don’t want to have a bunch of different drops on the day that we drop and end up with gas wars. We’re also going to be giving whitelisters a 48 hour period to mint whenever gas is lowest, so they can avoid those fees. I’m sorry, I just saw the meme HappyHippie posted in the main chat. Sorry just made me laugh.

Yeah, mate me too.

D: It’s too funny. HappyHippie you’re hilarious. But yeah, we’re very excited about this, and thank you for the time and for having us. This isn’t the last time the Monsterbuds hear from RDB and myself, so yeah, let's keep this going. To the fucking moon buds and RDB.

To the fucking moon.

D: Let’s break some barriers.

Alright, guys well lots of love, and thanks for coming through. Mano it’s been great to chat with you too. I look forward to talking to you soon.

D: Likewise, thanks guys, we’ll chat soon. Keep it lit.

M: Let’s go!

About MonsterBuds:

MonsterBuds™ is a cannabis-inspired NFT universe. 10,420 uniquely generated NFTs to buy, sell, breed, and smoke all on the platform.

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MonsterBuds™ is a cannabis-inspired NFT game. 10,420 uniquely generated NFTs to buy, sell, trade, breed, and smoke all on the platform.

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MonsterBuds™ is a cannabis-inspired NFT game. 10,420 uniquely generated NFTs to buy, sell, trade, breed, and smoke all on the platform.

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