Happy New/Old Year

We’ve been away on a bit of a holiday. Best to all, and Happy New/Old Year.

We include the “Old” due to the seeming return of the days of Alvarez in the district. A lot has been going on, but what pulled us to the keypad was the new story up on Bnet. The upshot being that PTA Council President Diane Anglin popped off a public note about school tours without Bolandi being in the loop. Then in typical bully style the Interim Supe issued an angry take down of Ms. Anglin. She certainly didn’t deserve that treatment, and Big Dog Bolandi (BDB) should issue an apology. Don’t hold your breath.

There are of course two possibilities; 1) Bolandi is a poor manager and did not work with his staff to sync up the messaging, or 2) deKoninck and Harrison-Crawford went off the reservation and acted without checking.

As an aside, we tried to post comments on the Bnet thread on the topic, but Liz appears to have seen the light and will only post friendly posts. No controversy allowed folks, and the comment counts reflect it. We would just post them here, but bullet points will suffice:

  • We have not seen other evidence of poor management by BDB, so although possible, we doubt he dropped the ball.
  • Commenter ‘sarahblaine’ has strong opinions that BDB is to blame here, and why would she think otherwise given her history online? We actually like the response to her letter. BDB could have written it himself. We take issue with her “Sixth” comment (yes, it’s that long) where she says: Sixth, without tours, parents will depend more heavily on other metrics to make decisions. Do we really want a town where average high-stakes test scores predominate in making decisions about which schools our kids should attend? Or do we want parents selecting schools based on the best fit for their children? To note (which Bnet would not publish), Ms. Blaine and a small vocal group played a large part in convincing the community at large that PARCC was an evil test and that it only served the corporate overlords. This test was designated to replace the existing NJASK test as a metric that parents could use. Since BDB has explicitly stated that the low participation in the tests invalidate the PARCC, there is no metric in place in the district that parents may use. Thanks for that Ms. Blaine.
  • We don’t have complete data on what happened of course as BDB holds his data very close to his vest, but we have heard some chatter that points to the issue not being with him. Ms. Harrison-Crawford has apparently rarely been seen in the office. Sort of hard to meet with your boss if you’re not there.
  • The issue in total reminds us of how things worked under Alvarez, meaning, dysfunctional. New/Old Year.

OK, what else has been happening?

  1. The mostly quiet (except on his FB group the Watercooler Connections) MKF member Jon Bonesteel wrote a letter a week ago repeating all we’ve already said about the Montclairvoyant column. Then he was attacked online. Best we can tell he was a bad boy for using satire, but it seems to be OK for Astor to do the same each week. Boneman (as he is called) would not reply to our inquiry. Ho hum.
  2. We hear through the grapevine that Judge Moore will rule on BoSE member Spiller some time this month. Just in time for the run up of the election. Our 3rd ranking State Teachers Union member has been doing fluff pieces on Robin’s Nest. Get your own web page Robin, and Go Sean!
  3. The MCAS page continues to pound the issue of charter schools and those evil reformers in hopes of a continued divided town over the issue of your child’s education. You see, they have no upside in working together to improve things for the kids. PS — There’s a nice photo of our hero Matthew Frankel on their page. Boy, they love to hate him, but he must be happy to be on the same page with Gates and Zuckerberg.

That’s about it for now. Have a juicy tip. Email us at montclairreformer@mail.com. TTFN