Wishing and Hoping; do they work?

I totally love acronyms! Taking a word that we use and making it have meaning far beyond what was meant.

When I am doing unfavorite chores or hiking up long trails after my mountain goat husband, I entertain myself by creating new acronyms for all types of words. It is a fact (Forever Accepting Current Trends) that memorizing or creating acronyms is good for memory and overall brain health. And if you have trouble remembering names of people you meet when you are introduced, go into creative mind and make up an acronym to go with the person’s name. An example might be Carly (Cute Articulate Racy Loving Young) and it does not have to be true, just a memory jogger. Let’s try another one; Monteith (Many Ongoing Needs Taking Everything in the Heart). Okay, I hear you moan (Mercy on All Names) on that one so I will stop (Saying Truth on Purpose) with the examples for now.

For years, one of my favorites has been the word hope. Everyone I know hopes for this or that, yet are they getting their hearts desire? Usually not is what I have noticed and I think it is because they are going about it the wrong way. They are just wishing.

My mother had a favorite saying (but not an acronym) that “wishing does not make it so” and I have learned that is true through a lifetime of experience. As I grew up I realized that wishes made on the first star light, star bright, just did not come true and with maturity I found the adult version of wishing, hoping. As I wrote earlier, everyone is hoping for something but it is not enough to just hope that things will turn out for the best. There is personal responsibility involved and work (When Ordinary Reality’s Killed) to be done.

The truth is, hope does not kill reality but points us in the direction of our dreams and goals. When we hope for something we bring to our consciousness a picture of what we would like to have in our life. Researchers tell us that having a clear picture of our desire is moving us in the direction of manifesting it physically. And isn’t that what we want, what our mind sees to become real in our life?

Well, hope can help us do this. The work I mentioned is believing that what you want will be a reality and having faith in your own belief. Faith is defined as ‘believing in something you cannot see’ and to really use hope to bring about change in your life, you must have unwavering belief that you will receive what you are hoping for. This belief needs to be so strong that when others doubt you, you don’t buy into their beliefs. What other people believe when it comes to your future should not be of concern to you. The only belief you need is your belief. Be positive that it will happen for you! Expect the best always, and as for hope, well it will support you in your mental work, for hope (Have Only Positive Expectations) is the answer.

Carly Monteith thinks a lot about writing and writes a lot about thinking. Any day of the week, in the Pacific Northwest at the base of Mt Rainier, you will hear the clicking of a keyboard or the scratching of a fountain pen; and sometimes the sizzle of brain cells!

When not writing she is helping others in their own soul renovation quest, helping to heal grief as a Grief Mentor and teaching college classes on journal writing.

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