Planning ahead of BrightonSEO

For newbies and not so newbies

Going to a conference requires some planning to avoid disappointment. Doing some prep the first time I attended BrightonSEO helped me to understand what could be worth my while, as it can be truly daunting for those who have not been to many professional gatherings.

At BrightonSEO, there are many different conference sessions, informal gatherings, loads of people coming from UK and abroad. Plus the location could be far away from you. I’ve been to quite a few conferences and gatherings over the years, and even spoke at some of them. So, I thought I could help you newbies maximise your day. There are other blogs you can also check with ideas for who to see or what to bring. Do chip in if you have any tips.

I will be covering the following:

  • Why attending marketing conferences
  • What to do before going there

Why should I come to BrightonSEO or any other marketing gathering?

Three main reasons for me:

  1. To advance your knowledge of marketing in any discipline
  2. To talk to like-minded people who may share the same experiences
  3. It helps with your next career move

Conferences provide a the necessary forum to understand the rapidly changing marketing and analytics landscape.

Now, it does not mean that anyone is going to learn everything there is to learn or get a new job. But, attending conferences like BrightonSEO will help you to understand what’s going on in the marketing and analytics industry and give you tips to help you in your daily job.

People tend to enjoy sharing with others what they have learnt by solving issues, their insights from the different disciplines and types of companies. There is a collaboration spirit that I have not seen in any other industries.

Before Going to BrightonSEO

The basics, really obvious, but still worth mentioning.

  1. Check their website — they started really small, and businesses now sponsor them. This says a lot.
  2. See what topics you want to learn about.
  3. You can decide who to see instead.
  4. See the agenda, starting times, rooms, etc.
  5. Check venue location, transport, accommodation.