Al Sharjah Museums

Perhaps you take a tour in the heart of Sharjah it will explain a lot about the history of this ancient city start architecture of its buildings, and the simplicity of life of its inhabitants, and prosperity since ancient times. Discover Sharjah history which is more than 6000 years, by visiting twenty museums that match the highest international museums.

Sharjah calligraphy museum opened to the line in 2002 in the house the headquarters of Mr. Hamad Cannon in Sharjah Heritage Area. Book your seat on board an expedition in the gallery of the museum, but over the centuries the visible Arab heritage in the form of written texts.

Creations from local artists and calligraphers’ world renowned, exposure artworks loaded with meaning from the Arab world accuracy this kind of vibrant historical and Islamic roots arts combination. Also it gives you the manuscript Arabic calligraphy on canvas, wood, paper, porcelain positive energy full of vitality.

Sharjah Art Museum opened on April 1997, it has become the largest exhibition hall in the Gulf region with permanent and temporary exhibits by renowned artists. Discovered the history of the region through the work of Orientalist artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the creations of local and international artists known. It takes your views of nature and the images in the form of oil paintings and watercolor in Panorama artistic life.

Al Mahatta Museum: The first airport in the United Arab Emirates in Sharjah was opened in 1932, it has been used as a location synthesis for commercial flights from Britain to India. Since the first human attempts to fly until he tried to land on the surface of the moon, discovered the history of aviation and its development in the region, in fact, the first museum in the airport building in Sharjah.

The first appearance of the aircraft in that time period from the date of Sharjah. Four original aircraft equipped with fans standing in the plenary of the hangar, along with tank refueling.

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