Yas Island

Tourism in Yas Island:

Yas Island is one of the modern entertainment places of origin in the United Arab Emirates is just 30 minutes’ drive from the capital, Abu Dhabi. This island of Yas Marina Circuit equipped with the latest devices and technologies — which hosts an annual race “Etihad Airways Formula -1 Award” in Abu Dhabi. If you want to test drive this distinctive ring, you can choose one of the daily circuit offers, which include “leadership experiences,” and “experiments led by a professional driver,” and programs “special tests to learn to drive,” and “driving license for the racing cycle.”

The most prominent landmarks circuit is represented Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi’s famous five-star and which is characterized by being the only one in the world that settles over the circuit to Formula 1. Note that half of it is built on land and the other half above the water Hotel.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi a world of fun and excessive speed for different ages, the first theme park inspired by Ferrari, the largest of its kind in the world. This tells Entertainment City Ferrari passion and enthusiasm story through more than 20 exciting entertainment facilities and educational games, as well as interactive shopping and the opportunity to taste the creations of authentic Italian cuisine.

Yas Water World: Extends on the area of ​​15 football fields and includes 43 game toboggan and a means entertainment — including five is the only of its kind. Visitors are able to experience the first and largest toboggan cyclonic water in the world, which can accommodate six people and has a length of 238 m and is working to Alheidromagnatisah energy. But amateur excitement, there are waves reach a height of 3 meters in a Bubbles Burrell game which is characterized by the largest wave in the world of surfing. The game Pandit Pomper, a roller coaster with a length of 550 m, it is the first of its kind that moves on the water and with the effects of laser. Passengers can spray water hitting targets, throwing water bombs and operation of special effects while Marin can turn beneath them sprayed with water as they passed. Park inspired by the heritage of Abu Dhabi offers a wonderful experience par excellence for the whole day, and revolves around the story of his idea of ​​”Lost Pearl”, also includes a market and shows Alguetslastakraj pearls and restaurants.

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