Curtains or Blinds: Which Works Best for Modern Home Interiors?

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In modern home interior design, your choice of window styling can have a bigger impact on the overall aesthetic than you may realise. The colours, textures and materials all contribute, as windows can be a major feature in any room, just like a bed, sofa or fireplace.

But deciding whether to style your windows with curtains or blinds can be a tricky choice, so here are our key points to consider during the planning process:


There are a lot of benefits for both blinds and curtains, so when you’re trying to decide between the two, take time to evaluate the overall look you are trying to achieve. Curtains can contribute tradition and elegance to your home, while blinds can add a more modern and trendy feel.

To decide, consider the theme that is already set in your home to see what would fit best. For luxury and warmth, curtains are the best option as they can be a real statement piece. Or, if you’re just looking for something simplistic, that will not overpower other features of the room, go for blinds for a minimalist approach.

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Light Versatility

In your bedroom, your haven for resting, you’re more likely to want something that can block out a lot of light, so it doesn’t disturb your peace. Curtains are a great option for blocking out light and keeping heat in during Winter nights. Whereas, blinds offer more light control, so you can determine how much light you want to let in.

Or, there is the option to combine the two. For a complete blackout during the night to guarantee the best quality sleep, bright fabric for curtains with a black-out blind underneath is something to consider.


With interior design, it’s fine to invest a lot of time in the planning and decorating process, but most people don’t want to be spending as much time cleaning and maintaining their interiors.

Blinds are a lot more convenient to clean compared to curtains, depending on the type of fabric you choose. With blinds you can usually wipe them over along with the rest of your dusting, as part of your regular cleaning routine.

But with curtains you will find you will either need to take them to a dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned, or in some cases you can wash them yourself at home.

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Overall, your decision between curtains and blinds should be based on your home and how much time you are willing to put into it. For a contemporary, low maintenance option go for blinds, or for a more luxurious and elegant touch choose curtains.

Here at Mood Interiors we offer a wide collection of high quality fabrics that can be transformed into your choice of curtains or blinds to complete your home. For more information on Mood Interiors fabrics for upholstery and curtains call us today on 0121 706 5395