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Met a girl on a dating app. Lots of provocative pictures. She very quickly said she was only interested in making friends. Confused, but I had read that girls who dress a certain way or show a little skin online aren’t always doing it for attention.

Keep an open mind, keep an open mind. So what about the pictures, don’t judge. She’s a human being just like you. Keep both hands on your keyboard when you talk to her. What is life like for a girl like this?

After a week or two of letting her venting to me about her crazy, abusive, stalker boyfriend, she asks me, What is your life like?

I just got out of a long, long relationship. I’m looking for intellectually stimulating friendship and/or casual sex.

Casual sex! What the fuck is wrong with you! You’re an asshole! Goodbye!

So, thank you for this essay because it’s​shone some light on what the fuck is wrong with me. ❤

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