Moon-Vault is Getting Tangly

Moon Vault
5 min readApr 6, 2022

So most of you in the community know that we are constantly looking for ways to innovate, create new partnerships, and extend the opportunities for you to have a safe space for your DeFi lives. So here is something coming up that some of you are already aware of but we wanted to give a little more background…

Your moon is about to get Tangly.

That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to a lot of you, so lets discuss what this means, why we feel this is a fantastic step for the community, and why we are so excited about it.

We would like to officially introduce one of Moon-Vaults’ upcoming and exciting adventures. We are moving to IOTA.

If you have heard of IOTA, below is a quick brief on it, Assembly and Shimmer.


One member of the team, who will remain nameless, but starts with a ‘U’ and ends with a ‘mbras,’ has obsessed over IOTA since 2017….

IOTA is what we view as a generation 3 blockchain, but its not technically a blockchain. IOTA is a DAG, a directed acyclic graph, that validates transactions by each transaction validating two other transactions. What this means is as more people use IOTA, it gets more secure, it becomes faster, and it is feeless. So basically it takes the issues with the standard blockchain and converts them advantages. IOTA will be key for machine to machine communication, healthcare, digital identity, supply chain, and other mechanisms that block chains would benefit but again, it is feeless and fast.

You can actually watch transactions and validations here: 👇

Assembly (IOTAs Smart Contract Layer):

About two months ago Moon-Vault applied to, and was accepted into, the TouchPoint Program with IOTA’s Assembly Assembly is a permissionless, feeless, smart contract layer 2 built on top of IOTA’s layer 1. TouchPoint will allow your beautiful Moon-Vault Team the ability to collaborate, form partnerships, and have access to important early stage contacts for the likely Q3/Q4-ish Assembly Launch. It has also been a meeting point for the Smart Contract Staging Network, Shimmer, also built on top of IOTA. We have made some great connections and sense a budding community of like minded teams in both of these ecosystems.

What we have always kept close to our core values is the desire to not be blinded by the DeFi ‘get rich quick’ methodologies that take advantage of users. We have all seen this across the blockchain universe. We have not met a single team in TouchPoint that is looking to take advantage of their users. It is a great fit for the Team (as you know the community is one of our team members, so you are included here 😉.)

We have met and are planning to begin building with other projects and also plan be on the Moonaco Podcast in late April, so get ready to hear the Teams angelic voices in action. If you haven’t tuned in to listen to Moonaco yet, we suggest you do, as you can hear some early projects on the network and gain some valuable information.

Shimmer (Staging Network):

Through the Touchpoint program we have also met teams that will launch on the Smart Contract Staging Network, Shimmer. This will launch before Assembly and will act as a first entry point into IOTA Smart Contract and DeFi. All of the new and exciting features will be launched here first as IOTA continues to roll out updates. We will plan to launch here as well, and have already talked with some great possible partners.

So what's all this mean for YOU:

We haven’t really published the below map but we want always be transparent with the community. Externally we have our ‘roadmap’ on the website and it provides a fairly high level overview of what we are doing and planning. This, is a slightly more detailed version and what we have been/will be working on internally.

Note that we have a lot we are aspiring to complete and provide the community. This isn’t everything we are doing, nor is it all of our plans, but it encompasses a many of them and many of our ideas for the platform.

What we haven’t shown you yet is our internal Goal Map. In this map we place nearly every thought and idea of the team. We include goal timeframes, weighed by importance to the platform and user, and we affinitized these into a impact effort map. This is what we use to prioritize and continue to be goal focused. Think of the below as a living document, some of it includes ideas that we want to track, and some of it just includes ideas we have thought of including, but it gives us a path forward to work towards.

Again, we have other items that come up that we work on but we want to illustrate how much thought goes into all of our decisions.

Blue Checkmarks are Ongoing, Orange Complete

From the beginning stages of this goal map we identified IOTA-Shimmer-Assembly as a strategy of growing importance. Not only is it unique, but it gives our users something to look forward to that has projects not seen on the other chains. We want to be a major player on these networks to bring all of you more value😘.

We will continue to progress across all current chains, will continue to push out V2 (remember funding is happening now! so see our article about that, and we will continue to be a part of the community. Moon-Vault will always focus on the user and we wont ever have a just one singular focus. DeFi must be a broad system approach and we must offer innovative and expansive approaches 🔥.

We have a lot of room to grow, have a long road ahead of us and we are going to stuff you in this Big Ol’ Moon-Vault Van and take you on the ride with us. So buckle up.

Take Care,

Moon Vault Team