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Moon Voyager
Aug 5, 2019 · 3 min read

How often did you wonder whether the current risks of the financial system are a decree to wake us up in order to understand that we, as humans, create our world from what we believe in and what we love?

We, just like you, want to know what we are really capable of in this world.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Enhanced are outside of any financial system, because people themselves create value. There are no dependencies and restrictions. Everyone who owns a coin or token participates in the creation of its value — all this is extremely understandable. The system is working.

The authorities cannot limit everything.

Just imagine that more than 80 trillion dollars in money equivalent (including coins, banknotes, money market accounts, savings, checks and time deposits) circulate around the world every day — just because people believe it!

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Moral of the story: diversification is the cornerstone of any effective investment strategy. Products such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Enhanced, now allow you to diversify beyond the risks of the financial system.
Bitcoin Enhanced Token is the first of a new asset class designed to allow investors to reduce the risk of their portfolios by diversifying from the systemic risks of the financial system. These systemic risks are currently at a level that none of the Fortune 500 executives would allow in their own firm.

The asset class is called Self-Managed Investments (SMI’s). They are built on two fundamentals of finance, namely:

  • People and only people create monetary value.
  • People can keep the tool tied to a specific price.

Bitcoin Enhanced has a long history since 2005, when its co-founder Branton Kenton-Dau began to study pricing models in the markets. This study turned into the Phi algorithm, which stimulates the bitcoin value proposition for investors. Predicting when prices for Bitcoin may fall, the algorithm seeks to provide better returns than Bitcoin, while maintaining everything that attracts the coin, for example, its independence from the existing monetary financial system.

Here is the complete updated roadmap:

2005 is the birth of the Phi algorithm, which manages BTC forecasts.
2012 — First contracts using the Phi algorithm to provide commodity price forecasts to European firms.
2015 — First contracts providing raw material prices for US companies
2018 February — Bitcoin Enhanced website up and first live BTC forecasts
2018 March — Forecast Services Limited incorporated
2018 September — Legal verification that XBE and CBE tokens are not securities.
2019 January — KYC / AML requirements are overcome by trading directly on the exchange
2019 May — Forecast Services Limited is registered with the regulator as a financial provider. Associate Professor Natan Berg joins as Chief Advisor
2019 August — Offer and sale of a token before launch
2019 September — Launch

Even if you are an experienced financial expert, find out more about an unusual human creation called money. Only people, not banks or governments, can give money their value. This understanding, of which Bitcoin is an example, expands the possibilities. Bitcoin Extended tokens are no different. You are the owner of the token and not we, as an issuer, give the product its value.

Pre-launch tokens are now available on Waves DEX. Those who want to learn more about the project can watch it here.

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