This post was is from early 2014.

Throughout life, most people will experience some form of teamwork. I played baseball for 14 years, for numerous teams. I competed in speech competitions, with numerous teammates. I worked on economics projects in teams. I went to Magic tournaments, with the intentions of someone in our car qualifying for a Pro Tour.

Now, here I am in Ireland, playing poker and part of a team.

If I were on my own, my lifestyle would have no form, and I’d lose my competitive drive rather quickly. And that, in poker, can cost someone dearly.

Being part of a poker team will bring a group of like-minded individuals together to celebrate as a whole, when just one person places well; everyone played a part. This past Monday is a perfect example. Friend and fellow Firm member, Kev Killeen, won the UKIPT Dublin Main Event. Most of the team was there watching on the side, as Kev maneuvered his way through the remaining players, eventually beating Max Silver for the title.

For the rest of the day, you couldn’t have found a more rowdy and happy bunch in all of Dublin (especially in onesies).
At the end of it all, it was such an inspiring day for everyone involved; Kev won, the team won.

There are a lot of live tournament opportunities and online opportunities for us to prove ourselves this year. While poker becomes tougher and tougher, a team like this continues to adapt. A team like this will put up result after result. A team like this will be an unstoppable force in the world we’ve chose to be a part of.

For me, poker is a team sport. And I’m happy to be on a great Irish team.