Why the Savitar reveal was not surprising at all (Spoilers for season 3 of The Flash)

So most of season 3 was about Savitar’s identity. Many people were shocked about Savitar’s true identity but I was not.

I first started to suspect that Barry was Savitar when Savitar came out and said “I am the future flash”. Honestly, how else could that have been interpreted? He point blank told you that he is The Future Flash.

Also let’s do a little color comparisons shall we?

Future Flash’s color scheme from the comics:

A picture of the future flash from the flash comics

Savitar’s color scheme:

A picture of Savitar from the tv show

Look familiar anyone?

Also, Savitar seems to have quite a bit of knowledge of Team Flash, and their futures for someone who Team Flash has supposedly never met.

Also, I’ve always wondered what really happened to Barry’s time remnant.

A gif of what happened to Barry’s time remnant

As we saw with Eliza, she turned blue before she died.

A gif of eliza when she died

If the time remnant really had died in season 2, then why didn’t he also turn blue? Also, if he really had died, then how was Barry not wiped out of existence right then, and there?

As we saw when Barry went back in time in season 1, that version of Barry was wiped from existence. Therefore, I have to assume that had the time remnant really died, then our Barry would have been erased from existence too.

Also, I had to ask, if Savitar really wants to kill Iris, then why doesn’t he just kill Barry? Problem solved right? Answer: Because he would wipe himself out of existence.

My suspicions became raised when Killer Frost met Savitar for the first time. You have to wonder why she was willing to trust Savitar so easily. It obviously had to be someone that she knows, and would trust 100%. Now Ronnie was not a speedster, so that means that there was only one person left that it could possibly be: Barry Allen.