Donald Trump, the men who have grabbed me by the pussy, and you
Robyn Swirling

““It’s not right, but that’s just how men talk” Can I just say that this is a nonsense excuse and also in my experience extremely incorrect. I’m a 37 year old male, born in Ireland, lived in NY for 15 years and now back in N Ireland again and in all that time and in all those locker rooms I have never discussed sexual assault or been in the company of people who discussed sexual assault.

“Locker Room Talk” to me has been things like ‘ohh she has a nice bum’ ‘she kisses weird’ ‘her family are eager for her to get married’ ‘her legs go on forever’. Basically stuff that if discussed in the presence of females would at best get an eye roll and at worst get a dig in the ribs.

What Trump was describing in that video was pure and simply assault, which I repeat I’ve have never heard in a men’s changing room nevermind act on it.

So this is the problem DO NOT let them pass this off as such.

It bothers me greatly to hear of the assaults perpetrated on you, I can only hope that others when reading such accounts have their eyes opened, your article has helped me want to be more vigilante.

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