Let’s fall in love
Like we have never met before
Like never we have kissed in a dream
Like a bud and a dew droplet in a morning embrace

Let’s artistically fall for each other
Epicurus would be our guardian angel
We would sail aboard captain Magritte’s cloud-shaped ship
Our prayers would resonate in Chamfort’s temple

Let’s surrealistically thaw during a night drive
Swallows springing out of your navel when I gear up
I love it when they shatter the windshield into sapphires
Time and motion slow down to confirm relativity theory

Let’s not die in love tonight
From the edge of the cliff where the car is parked
Let’s contemplate the solemn silence impregnating the dreamers with hope
Like two humans deprogrammed from human world fallacies
Let’s get out of the car, run towards the wood and de-civilize

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