Psychedelic Prophecies

The Moon Iris
1 min readApr 22, 2016

Unleash the thought
The prolix god is dead
Didn’t you see the hammer
Setting the twilight upon?
Let the dance begin
My body is on verge of starvation
Only sweat intoxication can save me
Let the choir sing praise to speed
I want it loud and shamanic
Fill up my cup with silver flashing bubbles drink
Draw me kaleidoscopic views
Tell me psychedelic prophecies

Tell me: “Love is now”
Tell me: “ Speed is now”
Tell me: “Light is now”
Tell me psychedelic prophecies
I am going to sniff
The body is deadly stiff
On the edge of the cliff
Tell them psychedelic poetries
Painting skies in citrine
The hills in Amaranth
Soap bubbles drifting as clouds
Exploding into millions of diamond fantasies

Bathe me in earthly heaven
lest the god decays under my skin
Fly me as an intergalactic kite curving the space-time
In me, there's a luscious passion blazing
Feed the fire, feed the body prayer
I will rain and erode the god’s ashes



The Moon Iris

Messy thoughts writer. I am into art, philosophy and science.