The Night Drive

The Moon Iris
1 min readApr 17, 2016

Driving by the moon side
Following fanciful comets
Davids lynching in your mind
Coco is the perfume, rosy are the feelings
Running down the highway
Gearing up, lowering the windows
Chilly breezes against your cheeks scalded by salty falls
Running down your life
Sleepy child on the backseat sucking their Lethean thumb
Waxen lover next to you holding your hand, holding to life
Smashed disabled wrinkled lady against the red car windshield
Slow motion makes the death even more splendid
Midnight solitude, headlights to sculpt the hazard
The chaos of the memory: family crimes, untamed kites, nightgown of a ghostly grandmother dancing on freaky EKG beeps...
Running over snails, frogs, doppelgangers, amateur thieves and distracted wraiths
Running to the edge of the wrecked bridge
Racing with ghost trains
Soaring high, higher than the red balloon
Oh my friend, my dear friend
Your tragedy is caricatured in pessimism
Oh my soul, oh my mate
The light inside diffracted by your love prism



The Moon Iris

Messy thoughts writer. I am into art, philosophy and science.