11 Ways to Avoid the Freeze


With colder temperatures coming, its vital to prepare. Here are 11 tips and tricks so you don’t get frozen this winter!

  1. Disconnect all hoses from the exterior of your house: Even though you haven’t used them in a while, there is still water in the hose that could freeze and do serious damage.
  2. Insulate Water Heater Pipes: The pipes going from the house to the hot water heater are the most common pipes to freeze. Some insulation around them goes a long way.
  3. HVAC Service: The worst thing is to have the heat quit working as soon as it gets cold. A semiannual service from an HVAC company will make sure your system doesn’t leave you in the cold.
  4. Light Fireplace Pilot Light: This often gets turned off during the summer, so making sure it is ready to go will save you future frustration.
  5. Clean the Gutters: When you’re up hanging Christmas lights, go ahead and clean the gutters. Two Birds, one stone, and it can prevent water damage.
  6. Gather Firewood: Whether you have a wood burning fireplace, a fire pit, or just love to go camping, getting firewood prepared for the winter is always a good idea. Just remember to keep it dry!
  7. Drain the Irrigation System: Often overlooked, but very important, draining the irrigation system and removing the backflow valve will ensure it will work properly in the spring without expensive repairs.
  8. Winterize Gas Tools: Winter can be tough on gas powered tools if they’re not cared for properly. Drain the gas, change the oil and please oh please drain the pump on your pressure washer.
  9. DE-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid: Once it gets frosty outside, you’ll wish you had filled up on DE-icer. Better to do it now, than to get stuck with out it!
  10. Proper Tire Pressure: If you have a car that was made in the last 10 years, you may see your tire light come on. Usually it just means you need to add some air. As the outside air gets colder, you lose pressure.
  11. Properly Stock Car: Its a great time of year to make sure your car is properly stocked for emergencies. Jumper Cables? Check. Spare tire inflated properly? Check. Battery in good shape? Check. Coolant and other fluids? Check. Windshield wipers? Check
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