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We are happy to announce our Proof of Concept blockchain application, Lisk roulette! An online roulette game built with the Lisk SDK. Play Now!

The roulette blockchain application uses a custom module with a deterministic pseudo-random number generator. It creates a provably fair random number based on block signature of the block in which the bet (transaction) took place. When creating a new user you submit a custom registration/faucet transaction, you get 100 chips to play for free when the next block is forged.

Currently the PoC is running on 1 single forging node and some community members are already running a synced roulette node. So for now It’s possible to run your own node and sync it (if you win enough you can earn a forging delegate spot). And we encourage you to do so. To create a real decentralised blockchain application we will vote in new delegates next week.

At first we built a version where you can play at one table with multiple players. To have enough time to place bets there is more time between blocks 40 seconds. Every spin is a block that contains all the bets (transactions). But as this slows down the gameplay too much it gets less exciting to play. A technical issue with this setup would be less transaction throughput and therefore less active players are possible at the same time. So we chose for another solution. Every 5 seconds a block is forged and if you submit your bet within a block you will receive the payout for your wins directly after the block is forged.

As a thought experiment we have been thinking about a couple of different business models around a PoC like Lisk Roulette. We could, for example, create a “decentralized casino” with the Lisk community wherein LDice and Lisk Roulette are games that run on the same network or we could create different networks per game entirely.

Those decisions have an impact on the different business models that are possible and this might also affect the way you create the governance mechanisms. Thus, how a business model around a these kinds of PoCs would look like is worth a discussion. We already have some questions that can be discussed:

  • How would we incentivize the forging nodes?
  • Who decides upon further improvement of the games?
  • How to make sure the casino has enough balance to pay out big wins?

Lisk.Roulette is part of our roadmap to build more and more complex decentralised blockchain applications. The custom transactions, modules and components and the knowledge that comes with it can and will be reused in our other projects.

Development will be an ongoing process, join the journey. If you would like to help us with it, let us know!


The Moosty Team

A Multidisciplinary Project Team working on a decentralised future.

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