Getting back on the Horse…I mean, the Moox Bike…

So the day has finally come….we’re excited to launch our new Moox Bike crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo!

It’s been an interesting journey to get to this place. As some of you who’ve been following and support the Moox Bike may recall, we ran our first crowdfunding campaign last fall. Even with the great support and backing we got ($40k of $75K) we didn’t quite make our target on our last campaign.

So while it may have bruised us a bit to miss the mark in the last campaign, we’re happy to be baaaaaaack — stronger, faster, and smarter than the last time.

At least, we think we’re smarter, having we learned a great deal from the last campaign and have re-tooled a bit to help make this one a success.

And what did we learn from the last campaign? The deepest learnings were around preparedness and exposure. I think it’s safe to admit that I personally suffered from what those of you who remember the ’80s would call a “If you build it, they will come” mentality. In practical terms, that means that I keep the Moox Bike under wraps until about a month before we launched the campaign. I let my concern for others seeing and possibly stealing my design trump the need for exposure of the bike the target audience.

As a result, we spent a good deal of the first few weeks of the campaign just raising the profile of the bike. People were interested, they were curious, but there were also not quite ready to pledge to pre-order the bike.

Another lesson learned was just about calendar year timing for the campaign. We decided to launch the campaign in mid November, right before the US headed into the biggest shopping blitz — the Christmas holiday season. So not only were we competing for eyeballs in a highly competitive digital marketplace (can you say “Black Friday Sales saturation”, anyone?), but we also were competing for that oh-so-critical holiday dollars, dollars that typically get used for holiday gifts.

And with a targeted ship date of early spring 2016, the Moox Bike would not be able to ship in time for to show up under the Christmas Tree, another deterrent for shoppers to spend their holiday budgets on our spiffy new bike. So while WE certainly thought the Moox Bike would make an ideal gift, we understood that most people would prefer the actual Moox Bike with a big red bow on it, rather than a gift certificate with a picture of a bike on it.

We also learned a good deal more about the target audience for the Moox Bike — this has been a very positive development. Not only did we validate our assumptions about the target buyers, we’ve discovered entire segments of buyers whom we had not originally thought would be interested in the Moox Bike.

Since launching the last campaign, we’ve received daily inquiries on the website and via email about when the bike will be available.

We’ve found a very sincere community who is not only excited about the bike, but takes the time to write us emails expressing their excitement, complete with detailed questions and suggestions. We’ve learned so much from these prospects.

So, we very much look forward to taking you along with us on this wild ride called crowdfunding — you can find us on IndieGogo at: