Lessons learned on a bike ride

I recently experienced a 5 mile bike ride and during the course of the ride made the following observations:

When involved in any activity, in order to gain the most from it, you need to put your entire self into it, body and mind. If you pedal with only your legs, you quickly tire out. However, if you use the strength of your whole body and mind, the “ride” becomes immeasurably easier. Such is life. You can go through life just using your legs, going through the motions, but not being totally invested, but it will be a much more productive, easier ride if you put your whole self into it.

During the downhill sections of a bike ride you have two options, either coast along or keep pedaling. It is easy to choose to coast, let the wind run through your hair and sit back and relax! However, if you coast during the downhill portion, the uphill section will be that much harder. Keep working when the going is easy and the hard times will be that much easier to overcome. Your “muscles” will be in good shape when you need them.

And remember to enjoy the ride!!

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