Das Manifesto and The Rock for President?

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No post yesterday, the day kind of got away from me, so bit of catch up resulting in an early edition.

Well let’s jump into Corbyn Corner with the leaked manifesto!

Listen, I’ve decided I’m going to run to become Prime Minister.

I’m going to give lots of stuff away for free, mention how it’s fully costed and that it will come from the horrible rich people and nasty corporations.

It’s easy to do because I know I’m not going to get elected, so I promise the world, make all my supporters happy and then get to complain when I lose.


Of course the Corbynistas and Labour voters are going on and on about how it’s amazing. How Jez is going to make the world a utopia compared to May bringing back fox hunting. Definitely vote for Jeremy.

Then there’s the actual details. CapX have done a great job at covering the actual costings. They are saying they will do a lot, and when it’s not dressed up in fancy words with pictures, it’s a long list. So where is that money coming from?

As much as people want to make the rich pay their way (which they do) and the corporations pay more tax, is it enough and will it have a desirable effect?

With Brexit looming we need to make Britain a viable destination for businesses. Considered we are most likely going to leave the Single Market, why would companies choose to invest in Britain with high corporation taxes and no access to the Single Market.

Unles Corbyn won’t leave the single market, which will mean the four european freedoms will remain, which defeats the purpose of leaving the EU imo.

But the leaked manifesto was vague on the EU and he has also been vague ever since. But he’s distracted everyone with free University tuition.

There is also the question of Israel. I don’t believe Corbyn is a friend of Israel. Preferring to chum it up with Hamas and Hezbollah and the leaked sections on Israel don’t bode well. They can adjust this section all they want in the final manifesto but I think this defines what their approach is. Firmly place the blame on the Israelis. Conducive.

But it’s not to say it is all preposterous, and to suggest so would be daft. There are some things that many people would get behind, and would improve the country and lives of many people, (as long as they were costed!) and as this blog from The Spectator suggests perhaps the Tories could do with nicking a couple of ideas.

I’m sure we’ll revisit the manifesto’s next week up their release.


love it

Time to fly over the pond, and Trump has been getting Trumpier as he fired James Comey the head of the FBI.

I was just about to turn in for the night as the news broke, and stayed up a lot later than I would have liked, so thanks for that Obama.

This is the third person leading the investigation into ties and collusion between Trump and Russia who has been fired. I mean. Come. On.

Many people are saying this is the beginning of the end for Trump, but they have been saying that since day one, so I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t really keep up with Israeli news, I’ll generally just absorb what I can off social media. I’ll often end up on Haaretz, which is always a hate read for me. Came across this op-ed in the New York Times which discusses the left wing mouthpiece. I’ll tend to read Haaretz as it’s important to read opinions which don’t align with yours, what’s the worst that can happen? You may change your mind?

Either way whenever I read it, I just think this is just angry at times, but the author puts it well when he describes it as “juvenile contrarianism”. Either way it’s drifting from mainstream Israeli views. As much as it has a strong online readership (the mobile experience sucks) if you take a look at the comments on Facebook it may give an idea of where they are coming from too.

Which tech giant would you drop?

Alphabet (Google) or Facebook? Microsoft or Amazon?

Give this a go! I’d get rid of Apple first. I don’t use it. Then I said I’d ditch Facebook, (because Facebook is the worst), and only then Microsoft. But when I realised Facebook includes WhatsApp and Messenger, I’d swap it out. Next would come Amazon, becuase I’d just go to the shops you know and finally Alphabet.

Finally, this was a great read about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

He’s a mega superstar and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. He is the bankable star in the way Will Smith used to be. I think the last Johnson film I watched was Pain & Gain but even he’s not enough of a pull to get me into Fast and Furious films.

The idea of Johnson running for President isn’t a new one, but would wonder what he’d do to start down that path. It seems he’s doing loads now as a movie star, what would trigger that change.

Would he enter politics at a gubernatorial level like Reagan and Schwarzenegger, or would he dive in head first like Trump.

Of course the idea of an ex-wrestling movie star sounds crazy, but Trump.

I’ve also been paying attention to Mark Zuckerbergs tour of the 50 states which seems to be a lot like campaigning. What would happen if they both decide to run at the same time? (I don’t think they will, I think Zuckerberg would run sooner than Johnson)

Oh and this was interesting, Hitler was a common Jewish last name.

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